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  • Paris this is an amazing foot note written by a chimp with dementia. Your comments are best left in the trash bin where they belong and you clearly know nothing about football or football clubs. I can't speak for Hull but Portsmouth is a major sea Port and is classed as a City moron. It also happens to be the home of the navy, the same navy that went on to conquer half the world and set up the largest empire the world has ever known. It was also the principle port for the invaision of europe to free the majority of europe from the tyranny that engulfed it during ww2. Outside of London, Portsmouth was one of the heaviest bombed cities in the country because we could hit back unlike the sewer you probably live in. It is also the home of the Victory that battered the French and Spanish and destroyed Napoleons Fleet. It is the only island City in the country and has more VC holders buried within its boundries than any other city. It also has the best supporters as recognised by virtually every club and neutral in the land and in my opinion we wouldn't dump our trash where you live! Fool!