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    Pompey v Blues little known stats

    Pompey v Blues little known stats

    Not that the national media has noticed but there will be 2 teams at Fratton Park tomorrow (assuming Pompey are still in business at lunchtime).
    I am not being rude but this is a big day for Blues too you know. We have had our troubles over the years so know what Pompey are going through and have to say we have nothing but admiration for their passionately vociferous fans.
    That having been said, I am really looking forward to the game tomorrow (as long as Pompey stay in business that long) as it will be the first time that national terrestrial T.V. has shown Blues in a live game (unfortunately, the 2 legs of the 1963 League Cup Final did not hit the national radar and, typically for us, the B.B.C. did not show the 1956 F.A. Cup Final either!)

    I am not too hopeful tomorrow though, despite our lofty league position and being drawn away in every round so far.

    Blues have lost every league game south of St. Andrew's this season but there is a good omen (I hope!) in that we did win a League Cup match along the coast at Southampton but, obviously, even the downbeat Pompey won there too!

    So who do we get if we do get past Pompey?

    All Blues fans would surely want to save the Villa til the final as we have never lost a major cup final against them but would we really want Fulham in the semis again as they beat us very late on in the semi-final replay in 1975!

    Considering our history and this incredible season (surely we are safe on 40 points but if Pompey do go under we will lose 3 points and put ourselves in the danger zone again!), we should be happy with where we are but I am sure that I am not the only bluenose working out the permutations on how we can get into the Europa League.

    Obviously, the best one is to win the Cup or finish in the top 6 (Man United's league cup win gives an extra spot to someone else. if Fulham win the Europa league and finish in the top 6 then that makes 7 and if Chelsea or Spurs win the cup that takes it down to 8th place and then there is the fair play spot. In this World Cup year and Joe Hart offf to South Africa - and why aren't our central defenders in the shake pu too?!! - the nwe really don't want to be playing TNS at Wrexham in July in the InterToto Cup ).

    Here is 2 two further live terrestrial T.V. performances (plus any replays!) this season and bring on the European big boys next year (no, not a pre-season tour of Ireland like in the past!).

    Blues in Italy again next year? I hope it won't be like the battle of Ancona in the Anglo-Italian or the lights going out again Bari at St. Andrew's. They were out for an hour until we had a whip round for 50p for the meter!)

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