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  • MARKP MARKP Apr 24, 2010 00:17 Flag

    absolute disgrace

    Not even a pompey fan but i think its an absolute disgrace that you are not allowed to play in europe this season,hope you can get some resolution with an appeal

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    • I think the more important problem is finding a buyer, there was only one slightly interested party led by a man whose debts were thought to match pompeys, except when the figures came out pompey owed double the previously expected amount.

      Now we have they have money collected for charity and cared for by the club being stolen by the club. With the directors in court for tax evasion and the club still owing back taxes it looks like the club will fold.

      The club will receive no revenue during the summer as they don’t play games, will have expenses during the pre season friendlies loose half there team ( for little revenue,asthey are out of contract) suffer lower and cheaper season tickets if any one will risk buying them as they may not last the season.

      A trip to Europe may be nice but early stages do not draw in big money and often cost more than they raise.

      So perhaps until their house is in order playing in Europe should not even be considered.