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  • Dragica Dragica Apr 4, 2008 02:53 Flag

    Idolising Serena

    In their unjusified adoration of and obsession by Serena Williams, Euro Sport commentators hardly ever mention her opponents. Disgusting!

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    • Dislike of Serena has nothing to do with race. I'm voting for Obama, have contributed lots of dollars to his campaign. I idolize Dr. J of the 76ers and Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant. Not to mention Flo-Jo and Yvonne Goolagong and Allyson Felix. Race is not the issue. Class is the issue. Poor Serena may have skill but it's impossible to look past the lout she is. By the way, bigot has one "g."

    • exactly, i have no time for horrible racist people. there are so many biggots on this site it is unreal. it makes me feel rather sick actually.

    • Exactly...if you don't like the Sereny and her effective game do not accuse for then commentators...commentators praise this competitor which game is better and more wisely , ..such pleasant tennis for eye- which plays Serena ( when doesn't commit curiosical mistakes obviously)..Anyway You have your sentence but you need not sulk on whole world and pull down fault on someone different just because your favourite came off as someone played better and in addition commentator delighted with her game ...without exaggeration!!

    • Yep couldnt of said that better myself. I think its easier to say Justine led 3-2 in the last 13 months, and one of Serenas victories came after Justine blew 2 match points. This is not an attempt to have a pop at Serena, far from it, but to say she retired Justine like she did Martina is frankly outrageous. In fact its just plain stupid. Martina couldnt play with the big girls, Justine COULD. AND DID. AND WON. REPEATEDLY!!!!

    • Vic M perhaps YOU should check out the head to heads. Serena is 7-6 up but four of those were early in Justine's career. Henin has won five out of the last eight. In grand slam encounters Justine leads 4-2 and one of Serena's wins was way back in 2001 when Justine had only been professional for a year and a half.

      Although Venus leads the head to head 7-2 against Justine, they have only played once in the last 5 years, which Justine won.

      So the head to heads tell a simple story. Justine lost a few times to both sisters as she was climbing through the rankings but, once she became a top 5 player, she has clearly gotten the better of them.

      To say say that Serena retired Henin is frankly preposterous, since Justine's recent record against her includes dumping her out of Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the US Open.

    • It's Unfortunate that, while Serena is piling up cash and winning laurels, "YOU" find time, not only to watch her but express disgust at the commentators who comment on her much more over her opponents, what a JOB "YOU" got on your hands.

    • Yeah but look at head to head record. Serena is still the best player anyways! If Murray beats Fed it doesn't mean that he is the better player, does it it? Is Safina in the record books? Another Belgian has bowed out. It's tough on the tennis court so all u naysayers must appreciate the power of Serena. She put Hingis into early retirement and now Justine has followed suit. Check out her record against Venus and Serena.

    • You get your facts, you idiot! Justine won on all surfaces!! She won at Eastbourne 2 times and that tournament is played on grass!!! so ..... spare us of your obsession for that sore loser!!!!!!!!

    • Dinara Safina beat her guts! So shut the f*** up! I'm sick of your remarks!

    • Oh, please! I'm sick of your obsession!! For God's sake let other people write their opinion in here, especially when they have strong arguments!!

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