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  • scouting scouting May 8, 2008 16:26 Flag

    Idolising Serena

    hi all...it is not true that she cannot lose a match, but it is is definitevely true that when she plays his best teniis is virtually unbeatable, most tennis commentators say that...
    Technically is the most powerfull, mentally is strong....
    I leave to Henin the best backhand in the circuit and a very brilliant interpretation of the playing, but simply is not enoguh to beat Serena.
    And remember that Hingis , who was as much brilliant n1 WTA left tennis due to the arrival of the Williams...otherwise she would have remained queen ot ATP I guess for long...
    And finally I foresee she will regain WTA n1 spot by end of US grand slam if no external event will undermine her present determination..