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  • Beachcomber Beachcomber Apr 18, 2008 16:58 Flag

    Serena vs Sharapova in a tier 1 QF, live on ESPN2 and no coverage

    Eurosport WTA what a joke. There's not even anything else on live on ES2 at that time.

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    • I like watching Masha too cos she does give it her all even when she's down, but the father is an #$%$, just ask Myskina...Her coach has also started behaving like Yuri Fury too. He was also heard telling Masha that she's got to believe that she can beat Serena, which is good to have belief, but when Serena is on, it's tough for anyone to beat her with the exception of Rafa, Roger and Santoro, lol! I have seen a tape when Rena beat Roddick when they were younger so be warned girls, Serena wants the top ranking again. This year's gonna be great!!!

    • Well at least there has been a happy ending and Serena Williams beat Maria Sharapova, excellent! It has made my day!!!

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      • Hey Jude, same here! Over the moon my baby Rena beat Masha for the 4th time in a row. But Eurosport sucks, I swear they don't know how to promote the sport. Quarter finals of a Tier one tourny featurng two of the World's best and they choose not to show it live!!! How can the sport move forward, really? Obviously, we love to watch drama unfolding in a three-setter and it woiuld have been a pleasure to watch live. Who wants to watch the bloody taped version when I have football (Chelsea of course), well and ManU< NFL, Boxing and other sport to watch? Get it together and let there be a LIVE TENNIS LINK please, this is 2008!

    • Couldnt agree more. Why dont they just sell the rights to Sky Sports and be done with it? When they show the Masters and the US Open their coverage is second to none.