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    wimbledon champ will be world no1 come yearend

    i think that the outcome of wimbledon will decide the ATP rankings by the end of the year and there are three contenders: fedreer, nadal and djokovic.

    nadal is on n incredible streak. he's won 5 out of the last 6 tournaments hes entered and has a 17 match unbeaten streak. if he wins wimbledon he looks to improve very poor post-wimbledon results from last year.

    federer has reached the final in 5 out of 6 tournaments he entered and is the undisputed grass champion of the world. if he does not win the tournament which he founded his complete dominance of tennis and get back on track winning grand slams, he wont be playin well enough to defend some incredible post-wimbledon points he won last year (won cincinatti and us open, finalist in montreal)

    djokovic is ever improving on all surfaces and will be looking to add another grand slam trophy to his lone AO success earlier this year. if he wins wimbledon he'll be looking to also go one better in the us open than last year

    basically the winner of wimbledon will have enough momentum to go on to the olympics and the us open. fed needs the confidence boost of a grand slam trophy, nadal will be hungry to end talks about him only being a claycourter and djokovic, well djokovic doesn't want to wait till the us open for anothr GS trophy...

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    • Roger is finished.He is history.He should packed his gear and Vavrincova and go home.It is a shame the caliber of this player to play this pathetic and boring game.He is always playing the opponent music,not his own,he can not win anymore,mostly playing 3 m behind the base line.Why not to follow Hanning move,when he is on the top.Roger give up.

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      • well,i am not a fed fan,but he is definitely one of the best tennis players of all times.i am glad that nadal has won, but federer was able to put up a fight until the very end.even though it will get tougher for him to win grand slams as he gets olde r he will still have a say in tennis for a couple of years,i am sure.and it isn't a bad thing.i really enjoy the rivalry between federer and nadal.