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  • Beachcomber Beachcomber Jul 14, 2008 16:43 Flag

    WTA USA coverage

    Live coverage of USA WTA events has been very ppoor this year, much worse than previous years. SHowed very little of IW, Miami, nothing of Charleston. Only Amelia Island shown to any extent. Now very little live coverage of the summer hardcourts scheduled.

    Any ideas why this is? Is it Eurosport deciding not to show the matches? Or the host broadcasters not showing them? Or problems getting the rights from the USA tournaments?

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    • Only 15 matches coming up in Rome for the ladies on the pay site, but 42 matches for the men coming up from Spain starting May 11th. That is almost 3 times the amount. That is unfair.

    • I've watched the Williams - Lisicki match on Eurosport. Now I know the pictures come from the American host broadcaster but the quality was appalling. Are they using cameras dating from the 50s? I don't watch on a hi def screen but the blurring was amazing and in fact it was almost impossible to identify the players unless in close up. Pretty bad .

    • As usual Wta Tennis is supposed to start at 5.00 and they're showing some superbike.

      Eurosport is not showing any match live before the last 16 so on Thursdays and that is if we are lucky. And now they can't even showed taped tennis on time. Already 15 ou 60 minutes are gone. And there were some long matches yesterday so it is not a lack of material.

      Please just give it up. If you can't do the job you should be sacked

    • Yes i agree with everyone eurosport need to get their act together.we see that advert where the commentators say we will have hours and hours of live womens tennis oh right load of rubbish.
      we pay a lot of money for sports channels so when its finals day we would like to see some live play please eurosport.

    • Fully agree, this is shameful and so frustrating for fans. We pay but more important, the image of Eurosport is down to wet red dirt. Not only do we suffer ridiculous write ups of top players, now this. Thanks but NON MERCI!

    • its just ridiculous. eurosport arnt even showing anything live or important right now, and yet they have a good match that they could show, and yet choose not to show it. delayed coverage is pointless. i feel really let down. as annoying as the sky coverage can be with regards to barry cowan commentating, theiy always show us the matches on the atp side. eurosport - get it together, this kind of lazy coverage is unacceptable. even more maddening is that eurosport seem hellbent on showing the most dour and pointless early round matches in all their glory, yet when a major tournament like miami reaches the crunch stages, the coverage is truly terrible. for shame !

    • Can't believe we can't watch the S. Williams match tonight - only live scores - how boring!

    • It is especially ANNOYING that ES has the broadcasting rights to Miami, but doesn't BROADCAST it. I paid resonable money for tennis tv and they are blocked from showing WTA from Miami. MADDENING!

    • Eurosport up to their usual standard ie pathetic. I wonder what the WTA think of this considering they are really keen for tennis to reach a wider audience. OR is it only an American audience they are interested in attracting and forget Europe and the rest of the world.

    • I'm just praying for Eurosport to give broadcasting rights to Sky at least we can watch some tennis.
      Men's tennis on Sky channel starts at 4.0pm and finishes at midnight.

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