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    Henin retired,mauresmo is not at her best after injury and jancovic spends a lot of time making her make up...women tennis has lost a long time lasting number one and apparently has lost popularity...thank god serena has come back and i still watch some games...its tiring to see no1 being defeated by no10.what about sharapova or ivanovicor other shoting stars?lets hope women tennis association will gain a new big star really soon or dinara can retain top form...

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    • Azarenka beat Kuznetsova in the semifinals in Miami and destroyed Serena in the finals to win the most prestigious tournament outside of the 4 majors. Then Victoria demolishes Serena in the title game, meanwhile Mary Carillo has Serena's back covered stating that Serena is hurt. I saw Serena running full speed and she played in the next tournament.

      Riight now Kuznetsova has defeated Azarenka 3 out of the 4 matches. She is also 4 years older than Azarenka. Azarenka can win this match playing at the top of her game, but beating Venus or Safina in the finals will give her another shot in the arm in winning at Roland Garros. She beat Wozniacki with ease the other day in straight sets.

      Svetlander is a red hot player right now winning 8 straight matches and claiming her $ 107,000 at Stuttgart last week. She also has been a victim in the last few years of some bad luck in big games, but she is a hard hitting player loaded with talent.

    • I agree Jude. I think Kuznetsova is one of the contenders, I cant see Azarenka winning Roland Garros to be honest, but she has a chance like everyone else.

    • Yeah, Kuznetsova is long, long overdue a good win in my opinion...she is way better than the likes of Jankovic and Ivanovic but I just think she has been really unlucky in the past, a lot of the time falling to Justine who she had an appalling record against. She is such an underachiever I think it would be bad to have her relegated to the league of 'single grand slam winner who never did anything else' (ie: myskina). She is a strong and fit girl and when her serves on she plays so well, but she can lose the plot a little bit at times on court. It would be great to see her win RG and I think it would totally rejuvenate her as a player.

    • I feel that Azarenka will not only win the Roland Garros, but she will win her 4th tournament this year at Rome this week. She beat Wozniacki with ease today . I do not like either of the Williams sister to win at Roland Garros. In fact if the Williams sister lose at Roland Garros you can bet that Mary Carillo will have an excuse for them when they lose.

      I wish CBS was covering the thrashing Patty Schneider put on Serena so Carilllo could have brought out the fact that Serena must be hurting. Mary would have discounted the slamming of Serena slamming her racket at the end of the match after Patty Schneider pearl harbored Serena. Congratulations to Patty Schneider with her left handed hook stoke that made Serena dizzy.

      In the meantime it's time for my sweetheart Caroline Wozniacki to take a week off from tennis. I think she is overworked.

    • Just look at the 2009 WTA race to see who is best Safina is only 5th I'll let you guess who is number 1. I can't understand why the men's list has not been published yet.

    • Dinara Safina definitely has the mental strength to win a major, especially Roland Garros. Anyone who remembers the old Safina knows that she has come along way. The only question for her is how will she deal with the pressure and the moment of another Final. I think IF she makes the Final she has a very good shot because she has been to the final stage twice before.
      I think Venus has a better chance of winning the French than Serena. I am not counting Serena out, I would never, but Venus has the experience on clay more than Serena in 2009, and just seems to be playing in a different gear this first half of the year. So it will be interesting. Obviously the biggest task for Venus is surviving the opening rounds, but once in the Quarters I think she can make a run no matter who is in her draw. Her movement is the key.
      Elena Dementieva, Ana Ivanovic and Jankovic will have to shift into another gear to claim the title. I think all 3 of them are contenders but will have to find something special to best Safina, Venus and Serena.

      Azarenka will not win the French, she doesn't have the grand slam experience yet. Even if she were to make the final, she will be overwhelmed by the occasion.
      Kuznetsova is definitely a dark horse capable of anything, but she too I don't think has a chance to make it to the Semi's. It really depends on her draw and how steady and focused she is.

    • I agree Dohah I think anyone can win RG after Justine retired.

    • If Safina is to win RG, then she needs to start moving a bit better. That Stuttgart final was pathetic, she was slow and lethargic

    • I just always think you can never quite rule out Serena but it does depend on what shape she turns up in and whether she is focusing, like you said, on the grass and hard courts to come. I would prefer Dementieva to win it over Jankovic or Ivanovic I think she is overdue a good win and I also would be happy to see Safina win it I just hope she doesnt get too emotional like she can do or the match is already gone.

    • I agree with u there, Illias. Lets hope all the big players will regain their form before the French Open. I also hope these upcoming young stars can produce consistent play.