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  • Vic M Vic M Jun 5, 2009 01:41 Flag

    Martina Navratilova on 'Granting'

    Martina, u r not the voice of all and u surely cannot start dictating what should happen on court. All Top players male or female grant! They r individuals and as long as the tennis is good, I'm not complaining. Martina, u also talked about coming to the net, well u try to come to the net when Rafa or Serena are hitting those passing shots! This is now Martina, not then when u played. U couldn't live with the game today either...let the players be who they r! Quiet is boring...

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    • Maria's grunting now, huh, how about that? Love it!

    • everyone needs to get a grip on this thread right GRUNTING IS NOT CHEATING they simply do it to control their breathing and some players cannot help doing it!! it is as simple as that and if Martina Navratilova cant accept that then she needs a reality check!! she has demanded so many changes to the game which are ridiculous might i add like changing the let cord rule and NO grunting who does she think she is nobody listens to her stupid comments anyway i only take her seriously if she is actually talking about the contenders for Wimbledon she should stick to what she is good at and that is predicting Wimbledon champions!!! and she didn't say granting!!! she said grunting which another thread on here claims she said granting I don't think so and that's not what it's called anyway duh!!!

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      • Vic, you keep asking "who is Martina Navratilova and who cares what she thinks?" Now you have extended that to Nick Bollettieri. So perhaps your questions deserve an answer.

        1. Who are Martina Navratilova and Nick Bollettieri?
        Answer; Two of the most respected people in tennis, not only for their great achievements but also for their knowledge of the game.

        2. Who cares what they think?
        Answer; Everybody involved in the game at professional level and the vast majority of fans.

        On another point, Doh asked whether tournament directors should be issuing ear protectors to their staff. While I suspect Doh was being flippant, that is in fact the case. Workers who are exposed to noise in excess of 90 decibels must, by law, be provided with industrial ear protectors. That means that, unless these girls (and some of the men too) are stopped from screaming and bellowing, the umpire, line judges and ball kids should all be wearing earmuffs.

        It would seem to be the common sense solution for players to be penalised, along the lines that Nick Bolletteirri suggested, whenever they exceed the legal limit. They would of course be at liberty to howl up to 89 decibels (so Serena's in the clear) but not beyond.

    • why should players change their personality to suit u? They r who they r and u got to be who u r ! If u can't hack, please get a dog! I mean, really who care what some Nick or Martina or whoever has to say! This is the moment, then was Martina's too. We move on....Trust me Serena, Venus, Maria, Rafa will not be dictated to. U r worsting ur time complaning, just enjoy the beautiful game or better still go watch some golf!

    • If u read the other post, I did mention it was a slip of the keyboard, trust me I can spell better than your mama!

    • Vic M is the famous Victoria fashion designer. She loves it loud... but can't spell.

    • Maria's tennis is good enough, she's a power hitter and I must admit, I'm a big Williams fan but I missed Masha....plus Yuri is doing his own things now, so it's great to have Maria back....she fights like hell and I enjoy watching her shots!

    • There is only one reason for preferring to watch Sharapova rather than Navratilova and it has nothing to do with tennis.

    • Besides a lot of peeps doze off during some matches cos Tennis can be a bore a tad bit.....bring it on!

    • If given a choice to watch Maria Sharapova or Martina Navratilova, I'd def go for Masha....her grunting doesn't not annoy me at all. I can't stand old players talking to the media about today's game, Martina's time is over next please!

    • Have you ever grunted in a telephone box then run away?

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