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  • aaditya aaditya Jun 5, 2009 19:25 Flag

    Nadal supports Gasquet

    one doped #$%$ gets support from another doped rat.­ nadal the steroidal clay court rat has come out in­ support of gasquet and i was in splits reading his­ statement.
    this is what nadal has to say - im sure­ gasquet has not used cocaine - hes a friend! these days­ anything can happen, you can go to a party and kiss a­ girl who might have used cocaine!!!
    Is nadal plain­ stupid or mentally retarded???
    you can get flu by­ kissing a girl, but to get cocoaine in your blood and­ then your urine sample, that must been one helluva­ kiss, maybe nadal knows better.
    no wonder he runs­ scared from all urine tests - the doped baggy eyed­ freak. Im sure now all the other rats ( nadal #$%$ lickers) on this forum will now resort to personal attacks without responding to the post. Im sure the nadal maniacs willl run amock now

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    • LOL when have I ever said I hate Federer? Thats right...Never!! Get your facts right and if you really don't care why come on here and post your #$%$ For your information, yes obviously Nadal is my favourite male player BUT I do like Federer, and when Nadal crashed out he was one of a small handful of players I would be happy to see the trophy go to. You really think you know everything! If you care so little about other peoples opinions then why come on here? You spout out kak then get nasty and defensive when people tell you to stop being a tool.

    • 1. You're taking Nadal too literally. He basically means recreational drugs are everywhere, so for example it's common to have your drink spiked.

      2. Cocaine is not a performance-enhancing drug. Supporting someone busted for a recreational drug is not condoning cheating. Besides, Nadal isn't supporting recreational drugs either -- he's supporting Gasquet who he believes to be innocent.

      3. Nadal has never missed a drug test. He complains about the intrusion, but he's complied with every test and repeatedly shown the world he is clean.

      4. Is that you in the photo?

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      • chemical ali,
        thanks for the sarcasm but i generally like your posts so your sarcasm about the pic is forgiven.
        im not here to discuss myself so your question no.4 is redundant.

        about the first three questions,

        nadal did NOT mention recreational drugs - he specifically meant cocaine - and medically speaking cocaine is banned becos it IS performance enhancing. just becos people use it for recrational use, doesnt make it a permissible drug.

        secondly he specifically said and i quote " these days people go to parties and kiss girls, if the girl had taken cocaine, then you cant punish the guy". end quote.

        if a world number one talks absolute nonsense like this - saying a drug enters a blood stream and the urine by kissing - its laughable. HE DID NOT TALK ABOUT THE DRINKS BEING SPIKED. HE TALKED ABOUT KISSING.

        you can get the flu from kissing, but not steroids or cocaine in your blood.

        you shud know better!

        p.s. is that your pic?

      • Gosh Ali, an intelligent post for once

    • thanks for your advice doh, maybe you shud start your unsolicited advice from the hate federer brigade led by the pathetic jude and co?
      there is something called opposite reaction to every action.
      dont blame me for my reaction. and even if you did i dont care.

    • jude/ doh/ non,
      keep barking.
      as i rightly predicted, you cowards will careen off the topic and start the drama, being the pathetic losers that you are.
      its understandable given the fact you and your loud mouthed legion are getting hammered left right and centre.
      the topic here is nadal commenting people can get cocaine in their urine by kissing a girl. and he has quoted it
      so get your facts right before barking and emptying your "vitriol" as you put it.
      nadals comments are laughable and your pathetic justification of the same is insane.
      get a life and spare me the lecture.

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      • aaditya,

        I guess everyone is entitled to their opinions and while I can appreciate that you are entitled to your's, you have absolutely no right to have a go at someone else just because they have expressed their opinion.

        But before you start to pour scorn on my comments I am not a real tennis fan and do not really care one way or the other, but a having read your comments I have come to the conclusion that a person such as yourself will ultimately find that you will have very few friends on here and a whole load of enemies.

        But hey! perhaps that is what you are really after!

    • Well Im happy to be the first Nadal supporter to 'run amock' as you suggest. You really should shut your big fat mouth and stop these stupid comments, you have no proof AT ALL that Nadal is a 'dope rat' as you so charmingly put it, you obviously just do not like Nadal and that is the only thing you can think of is to attack him. Has it not occurred to you that Nadals comments in defence of Gasquet were spur of the moment and just an attempt to try and help his friend in a time of need?I have read your posts before and you are a die-hard Federer fan....real Federer fans do not detest Nadal as you do, they actually like and respect Nadal for everything he has achieved at this young age although they choose to support Federer. You really strike me as an incredibly spiteful person of low intellect, the way you speak about Nadal is incredibly vitriolic and a little bit worrying. Your level of hatred is such that you act as if Nadal has done something to you personally. Are you some sort of psychopathic stalker who has dreamed up something you believe Nadal has done to you? Will you one day burst onto a tennis court when Nadal is playing with a knife in your hand like that freak did to Seles? Your comments are totally libellous and while I do not think for one second Nadal or any of his team or representatives would be looking at this website it would bring me huge joy for them to sue the backside off you in court. You are showing yourself up with your posts...do yourself a favour and stop writing such garbage. By all means continue to rant and rave about your favourite player Federer but shut up about things you have no proof about.