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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 6, 2009 02:05 Flag

    Nadal supports Gasquet


    I guess everyone is entitled to their opinions and while I can appreciate that you are entitled to your's, you have absolutely no right to have a go at someone else just because they have expressed their opinion.

    But before you start to pour scorn on my comments I am not a real tennis fan and do not really care one way or the other, but a having read your comments I have come to the conclusion that a person such as yourself will ultimately find that you will have very few friends on here and a whole load of enemies.

    But hey! perhaps that is what you are really after!

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    • Has Nadal ever tested positive for anything? Has he ever missed a test? His comments about Gasquet are naive but I guess he thought he was supporting his friend. He may come to regret his comments.

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      • Doh Rafa is misunderstood.He Doesn't always know what he is being asked in english.
        Please everyone give him a break and by the way Rafa never been on drugs.
        Richard Gasquet is going to clear his name you see.

      • doh looks like you are finallly seeing my point at the end of all this aaditya hating.
        my arguement was just that.
        if a so called world number one, who repeatedly lambasts drug testing officials were to make a daft comment saying you get cocoaine in your system becos you kiss a girl in a party, then only mentally defunct people will agree with him. it doesnt condone his behaviour if gasquet is a friend or not. im surprised how gasquet being a friend has anything to do with it.
        im sure he is regretting what he said and i merely pointed that out.

        im not looking for friends here. thanks. definitely not the types like jude or judy or anyone. truth is bitter and you dont have to be scared to speak the truth.
        and people are whining and reporting my posts, let them. just becos someone thumbs you down or barks at you will truth be any different?