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    does anyone else think...

    that if fed were to win roland garros without rafa in the final, it'll be a little less special, considering that's who's been holding him back all these years? just asking. i actually don't want to see fed win against anyone BUT nadal, it seems only right.

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    • I agree Jude. People seem to forget how much Rafa has achieved for the past 4 or 5years.
      He won Aussie Open this year and is the reigning Wimbledon champion.
      All great champions in sports have their ups and downs, including Roger.
      I hope Rafa can bounce quickly from that loss last Sunday.
      Gud luck to Roger tomorrow!!!!

    • I don't think it'll be less special. I'm glad the guy who beat Nadal has reached the final, now Roger has to do what Ferrer/Nadal/Davydenko/Gonzales failed to do. Soderling has shown the victory over Nadal was no fluke. So this is still a special match; now factor in the career grand-slam and record-equalling 14th major... Nadal is just a footnote in this story.

      I really want Fed to win but not because of the record books. He just plays the most beautiful tennis.

    • I know exactly what you mean Amy, and before everybody swoops down at me like vultures (lol) I am not having a go at Federer because I do like him, but Nadal is his big bogey player and Federer openly admits he has a poor record against him. If Nadal hadnt crashed out, or indeed Djokovic, I dont think everybody would be quite so quick to put their money on him. But tennis being the game it is anything can happen, even the impossible, so it looks increasingly like Fed will get his long deserved career slam. He has a 9-0 record against Soderling so fingers crossed it should all come together nicely. But to the people who are quick to write Nadal off as being finished and Federers rise again to the throne just remember Federer has had some bad (and very recent) results and he has been pushed to the limit by players he would have previously steam rollered. Nadal has had a horrible past few weeks but he has still won 5 tournaments this year. Dont go digging his grave over a couple of bad results.

    • he won 11 of his slams against other players that are not nadal...it only means nadal wasnt there...wasnt good enough..im not saying nadal isnt good on clay,he is the King of Clay, but he didnt rose to the occasion..roger always do, he has 20th straight semi finals in grand slams...if he wins on sunday against "the rafa conqueror" do you think it will be less important or mean less??? i surely wont...if roger wins, we will see the happiness in him...~cheers

    • i can understand what you say. federer winning french is more important - nadal is not very important in his list of priority. nadal was an aberration and is on the way out burning himself out. ofcourse federer will kick nadals butt very soon again. dunno if nadal will be playing till next french open though or prefer an easy way out like marion jones.

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      • Nadal not being high on the list of priorities to Federer eh?

        I'm sorry but I have to disagree on this point, I admit that it was a shock that Nadal lost at RG, but to write off his chances of ever beating Federer again is honestly well wide of the mark.

        After last years win at RG everyone was saying that Fed would gain his revenge at Wimbledon... yet... Nadal triumphed at Wimbledon as well - funny that!!.

        Don't be too hasty in writing of Nadal's chances quite yet!

    • Very narrow minded view there Amy.

      It seems to me that what you are saying is there isn't no one good enough to play against Federer but Nadal ( or vice-versa ).

      I think if Fed does win against Soderling on Sunday he WILL deserve it especially since the French Open is the one that has eluded him so far.