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  • Opinion duly noted!

    Nadal is currently ranked as the world number one - whether that will be the case after Wimbledon is another matter.

    In my honest opinion Federer must be a mightily relieved man now that Rafa has decided not to defend the Men's title he won last year!

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    • Yes I also suspect Federer will be mighily relieved that Nadal is out. I hope Rafa gets the treatment he so desperately needs and has put off for so long, there is no reason why he shouldnt come back stronger than ever and hopefully in time for the US Open. And when he can focus 100% on his game again and not have to think about the pain in knees he will be DEADLY again! Vamos Rafa!

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      • oh yes, Jude! Rafa has won a lot of tournys and is still number one, he'll come back to win the USA and all the others. He said it's curable. I love him much, vamos Rafa! Well, looks like Fed will manage to break Pete's record after all, but hopefully Murray can shine, this is the chance, he's the second seed and has beaten Fed this year!