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    Maria Sharipova undaunted- Sharipova vs Kutuzova

    Maria Sharipova had to fight for her life to beat a very tough opponent in Kutuzova today at Wimbledon.

    Sharipova was trailing 4-1 and 5-3 in the ist set before her alarm went off. Sharipova went on to win the next 4 games to take the ist set 7-5, even though Maria had 5 double faults in the ist set.

    The struggle would continue in the 2nd set as Sharipova was broken at Love in games 7 and 9.

    With the match tied at 1-1 in the 2nd set and Sharipova serving, it looked like Sharipova was about to be broken for the ist time in the 2nd set. Sharipova trailed in game 3 15-40 only to come back and claim the next 4 points to hold serve. Sharipova polished off game 3 with an Ace.

    Kutuzova managed to hold with no problem, even though Kutuzova had 4 double faults at this point in the match.

    In game 5 Maria was able to deliver one ace and had 2 serves that were barely returned for points, which put Maria ahead at 3-2.

    Kutuzova was having problems with her ist serve in game 6. Maria kept jumping on top of Kutuzova's 2nd serve which lead to 2 return winners and going on to break Kutuzova and a 4-2 lead for Sharipova. Sharipova was now 5-9 in break points at this point.

    Then Sharipova was broken in at Love in game 7. In the 8th game Sharipova fell on the grass for the 2nd time today. This time she was changing directions when she fell. It did not look good, but Sharipova bounced up without a limp.

    Game 8 would end with Kutuzova double faulting for the 5th time today.

    Kutuzova would not go way breaking Sharipova in game 9 at Love.

    This match could have changed if Kutuzova had callenged 2 shots that were called out. Both shots turned out to be in play which effected the outcome of the match. Upon a booth review it showed Kutuzova's serve was called out when indeed it was in play in game 10.

    In game 10 Sharipova was able to teturn a weak 2nd serve from Kutusova to tie the game at 30-30. On the next volley Kutusova deided to challenge the call that was ruled out on a shot she hit down her leftsideline. The initial call was the correct call allowing Sharipova to go on and win the match.

    Maria was 7-11 on break points today. Her serve is obviously not 100% back due to her major surgery. However, she did demonstrate that she can return a 2nd serve with anybody in the game. Most players would have fallen apart in game 1 of the ist set, but Maria remained calm to win the ist set and carry her edge into the 2nd set.

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