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    What has happened to Ivanovic?

    Or more to the point her form!

    Little over 12 months ago she was in sparkling form after winning the French Open now she is struggling to make it through to the second round.

    I am watching her play against Hradecka and she is making very hard work of what should be a fairly routine win!

    Come on Ana you can do it!

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    • Ana's glass seems to be half empty,sadly. Who knows what happened, but it's just not the same player anymore.

    • I'm really disappointed with the results, I know Peer is a good player but Ana has a good Grand Slam record compared to her.
      Whats really happening Ana, losing in the first round of Wimbledon is not good at all.

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      • I don't get it nither... She says she is playing better, she is getting her form back and then this?! Not to offend Peer, but she is not crem de la crem, she is solid but not someone who should be able to beat someone like Ana so easy (or should I says someone that Ana used to be). Accept from the beckhand slice used often does anyone sees anything different?

    • Guy - for the record, no I do not think Serena was avoiding Justine or vice versa. Both of these ladies have planty of money and prestige by now. The only reason they are still playing is because they love a good battle and the best either of them will get is against each other.

      It sappears that you didn't see the comments about Justine's withdrawal from Sydney that I was lampooning. Satire can of course be easily misinterpreted when viewed out of context.

      For what it's worth, I don't go in for hating tennis players, or any other sportsmen or women for that matter. There are those who I support, sometimes quite passionately, and there are their rivals. The rivals are as much part of the entertainment as our own personal heroes and it is important to appreciate them in that regard. Whether you prefer Serena or Justine, you will have been royally entertained by both.

    • bobito,
      saying that the all things started with serena fans is not what happened. it was you, the first to post a comment stating that 'it's strange that serena chose to play Rome and not Madrid, as to avoid Henin. this comment was under an article about serena comeback at Rome.
      Then some days later, a blogger wrote that henin was avoiding serena...and you reacted to that comment.

      i think there is no need to dwell on the issue and i hope you don't believe that serena is avoiding Henin.

      Everyone knows that henin declared that she hates playing Venus as she doesn't believe that she can ever beat Venus. But, i don't think henin would refuse to take part to an event in order to avoid playing against Venus. As i don't believe that serena had refused to play Sttutgart in order to avoid henin as you have alleged.

    • Well i'm pretty sure you don't mean me in the statement. Anybody who has kept an eye on these messageboards for a while knows I am a Williams fan but it gets ridiculous the way people keep going on and on about them. I also like many other players, Henin and Dementieva being 2 of my favourites. Don't believe me? Read though all my old posts it's all there in black and white.

    • its obvious to me. all the ppl who profess to not like the william sister seem to only wana talk about them
      you will find these ppl never even say who they like nor do they talk about their fav players they only talk about the william sisters lol

    • No it isn't obvious.

    • We dont have any proof that one player was avoiding the other, so I find this discussion ridiculous. Even if they did, who cares?
      Lets just respect these two champions who have brought so much to the game.

    • BTW why are ppl talking bout Serena and Henin ?
      the topic asks what happened to ivanovic

      she out of the french already a slam she won not so long ago

    • Actually Guy, the whole thing started with Serena fans, plural, saying that Henin had pulled out of Sydney to avoid Williams. I vaguely recall the first comment you refer to being a sarcastic reference to that.

      If you were not one of those making the original claims, then I apologise.

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