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  • When talking about Wildcards i am also talking about Baltacha because she is outside top 100 and won't get past round 3 or even 2 because she will have tough match despite her record against Flipkens but the other side of the argument is look at Murray in 2005 when he got a wildcard to Wimbledon due to good run at Queens and got to round 3 and if he hadn't of had fitness problems may have got further that year.

    Also wolfcastle, support who you like and also appology accepted and also received by me to you ok.

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    • The wild card system really needs to be looked at. If some of these players had made it into the tournament through qualifying, then they'd have the confidence of knowing that they had earned their place rather than being gifted it.

      Murray in 2005 is certainly one example of a player who deserved a wild card and Laura Robson this year is another. But if Alex Bogdanovic hasn't been able to win a match after seven Wimbledon wild card entries, why give him an eighth?

    • No worries Kieran!

      Personally I would prefer to see Ana Ivanovic ( or Viki Azarenka ) get through!

      But I would also like to see a homegrown player go as far as possible!

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      • I personally want Kuznetsova or Safina go far.

        I think Ivanovic will struggle though as her year has been poor by her standards after 2 (i think) Grand Slam victories last year and her serve is letting her down but you never know but your other tip is worth putting money on though.

        As i have said in another post, my name is Shaun, i am using the house e-mail which was named with my dads name so sorry for confusing you ok.