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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 25, 2009 13:20 Flag

    MIchelle Larcher De Brito give it all, But came up just short..

    Good commentary again.

    But surely you mean "rallies" rather then "vollies"?

    Not meant as a criticism, just an observation!

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    • I don't like to use the word rally in tennis,even though it is the correct term in the tennis world. In my country we use the word rally or rallies to indicate that one team has a serious threat going in trying to trim the lead the other team has. If they do it more than once at a different portion of the game, then it becomes a another rally or you can say they had 2 rallies during the game. When I play Ping Pong against my opponent and hitting the ball back and forth, I am not in a rally. I am in a long volley,lol. Sorry that is me. I do not agree with all tennis terminology.

      Tennis has some terms that make no sense, but I let them call it whatever they want. They say pass and I say shot,lol. .

      When I saw the ist 6 sets between DeBrito and Schiavone, I would call that a rally in my world because they were just hitting th ball back and forth without going on the offense. All shots being hit down the middle then terminating with just 3 shots each. That is not a rally, that is boredom,lol.