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  • oana oana Jun 30, 2009 19:56 Flag

    Murray is overhyped

    I've started this thread in relation to eurosport's new poll.In my opinion,eurosport writes too many articles about murray.They give more atention to murray than they do to any top 4 player.Why?Only because he is British?What do you think about this?

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    • Murray has always been overhyped... until now.

      Last year when he beat that French player in 3rd round and Murray went to show off his strong arm.. everybody thought he could go all the way. Then he was REALLY overhyped... In fact Nadal's arm proved to be stronger in the quarter-final..

      But today... at number 3 in the actual semis.. maybe we have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      Mind you... not being Nadal in his path this year might have been a blessing for Murray and an opportunity for him to at least be in the final..

    • I think you said it best, including the inate vitriol remark. And it's a fact, we can sit here and pass the time of day whining about the useless jock, but he is pocketing the money and not giving a damn about who likes him and who doesn't. It isn't fair. (Sniff, sniff).

    • I think you are absolutey spot-on in your analysis of why so many of us dont like Murray - doesn't make any difference tho; still dont like him and begrudge him every win and all the money and attention it brings him. In our defence it may be that our inate vitriol is being channeled harmlessly thru someone who doesnt give a #$%$.

    • Ingy, my real name is Cuthbert Athelrod Charles Philip Andrew, Jimmy for my friends. Seriously, what does a name have to do with one's opinion. Nothing whatsoever. And I am not a sexist. I'd say the same about his father if he behaved that way. You see Mirca, she applauds, she's happy when Roger wins. She doesn' t go into fits. Same goes for Roger's father and mother. Polite, civilised people. That's all I mean. Roger has brought grace into the game and Murray and his clan are ruining it.

    • sorry Ingy - but there are many of us working class tennis fans who cant abide Murray - there are more than just the 'insignifcant bourgeois elite' commenting and voting via Eurosport - the number of responses to the question of overhype is testimony to the strength of anti-Murray feeling. I wish he had opted for football as a career, much more his style and would have been so much better for tennis if he had. Sprry but the guy stinks

    • im not sure about murray! he has beaten fed 6 times i believe?

      everyone seems to go on about his fitness now but in the 4th set agaist wawrinka he seemed like he had run out of steam and i was very surprised he won the 5th set!

      i dont think he is overhyped though, he is no 3 and had reached us open final beaten all the top players,has won 12 tournaments i think

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      • Yes, No. 3 in the world and with consistent wins against Federer, plus wins over Nadal. HE deserves praise, the problem with our own press in Britain is that they try and make every little thing into a big life or death issue and put so much pressure on anyone with an ounce of talent, but Murray shouldn't be blamed for the media's output towards him, it's hardly his fault if he gets hyped up is it? His attitude is getting better all the time and certainly off-court he comes across as a fairly reserved and thoughtful person. There are plenty of English people behind him and if people want to applaud Wawrinka or any other opponent for their lay then there's nothing wrong with that as he's a good player, it shouldn't be taken as a sign of hatred towards a non-English player. It's strange how this thread critisices the crowd for getting behind him so much AND suggests English people are against him.

        It's clear to see that it's only a matter of time before Murray wins a slam and it's silly to praise Djokovic when putting down Murray as he's won one slam and hasn't threatened the top two since as Murray has.

    • Dear Jimmy,
      with a name like that you would imagine snobbery is not an issue, ah well. I think your outdated and, to be honest, rather vile sexism is ridiculous. You hark back to the days that women should be seen not heard. Do as they are told and are only their to benefit the male...you sad wee man! I was delighted to see that andy's mother was excited for her son and obviously not doind it for her own ego trip! You ask for a gentlemans game??? which centuary do you live in?? It was only known as a gentlemans game by the snobs of the LTA and the schools that could afford courts...I wonder how many were inner city?? Once again another ponce says a person is nothing because they do not conform to the behavior set by a very inadequate and numerically insignificant bourgeois elite! Go on Andy and his MUM

    • Kieran If his mother had any sense of decorum she would not go into fits just like a hooligan watching their favorite team play soccer. Tennis is supposed to be a gentleman's game. A little grace is what's lacking in both mother and son. And unfortunately I am obliged to watch Murray since he does not play by himself. Why do you get so upset? YOU GET A LIFE.

    • Again my comment would be WHY?? The fault would them have to lie with the english who therefore cannot get behind someone who doesn't conform! That is racist. Even, the admittedly, well behaved Federer pumps his fist and has used crowds before...I personally think he is a bit pompous and snooty but it's my opinion. I would not expect a guy from south shields to act like a guy from eton but the press would, and yourself it seems. Tennis is a game ruled by pomposity and uncultured attitudes, that is no longer played by people with that attitude. Nadal screamed c'mons left right and centre but it is the attitude to him that is different because no-one would dare say anything else. Murray is treated like a servant because people do not want him to succeed. This nation seems to thrive on the lambasting of its' success stories and the general dislike for those who deem to want to win! Unfortunately this attitude goes hand in hand with the attitude you extole as a virtue! In interviews murray is very reserved and quiet but the passion to win is there for anyone to see and that is difficult to keep bottled up when brought up in a non conformist country. Looner, please do not mistake a lack of english class system with being badly behaved, murray may lack certain graces but they are graces from someone elses culture and from someone elses book of rules!

    • I am not a UK citizen and even if I was I would probably still have my doubts about Murray, but that comment is invalid as I am not one.

      What I have seen is that Welsh people generally cheer Murray on, but the English do not like him as much. I think that is partly a fault of his behaviour. He is trying to change, but on the court he is still acting like some junior screaming come on's left, right and centre. Now that is not bad, but he should a bit more reserved.

      I am probably competent enough to give him advice on how to get the crowd on his side, but I think if he tried to be a bit more graceful a lot of fans would love him to win.

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