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  • Why don't they just put the Williams's straight into the final then we wouldn't have to put up with the one sided boring games they play in!!!!!

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    • Hey Vic, great match from Serena and Elena Dementieva, very competitive, gud for women's tennis.
      Well Safina was blown off the court by Venus, terrible perfomance from the no1 player in the world but not taking away Venus's great perfomance.

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      • Serena and Elena Semis was the best match i seen for awhile. Elena has improved her game alot and she did managed to show Serena that she is worthy no. 4 player in the world. Stunning performance from both ladies. Although I love serena, I have to gfive credit to Elena for pushing Serena to a point where she willing to take the final risk (backhand volley). That volley was teh turning point for Serena.. Well done Serena.

        Venus performance is totally invicible. Dinara however need alot of thoughts..

    • Hey Non, Jude & all Williams' fans hooray!! Vamos!!! But first Serena, girl u had me pacing the floor and I enjoyed the come back moment, what a match! I Swear Dementieva has improved her game tremendously! She's so toned and has court speed with a very much improved serve. Well, she had match point and Serena will not be denied, loved it! As for Venus, u showed that u r Queen of Grass! Why is Safina ranked number one? Cos she can only win 1 game on grass against Vee!!! Federer was so right, the Russians have nothing on the Williams on this surface!

    • Slade, you are entirely correct.

    • What a performance by Venus, she has to start favourite after that! Serena's match was a classic tho I always felt Dementieva would crack on the pressure points.

    • WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!
      Well done Serena and Venus, hope Venus wins though so that she can break Steffi's 3 successive Wimbledon titles.
      Great effort, Dementieva, just didnt expect Venus to thrash Safina..
      Thumbs down to the "haters".
      Venus and Serena rock!!!!!!!!!!

    • PB,

      Are you one of Vic M's puppet's as well?

    • The Williamses are the best. They always let their tennis do the tlkin. While others post rubbish on here lik the players they support wen they come up against Williamses (exception Lena, love that girl)

    • Vic M,

      What a load of verbal diarrhoea you spout. I expressed my opinion and it seems you cannot cope with a counter-opinion to your own.

      But hey! what the hell... I don't give a monkey's about what you say. Watch the final in your williams sisters tee-shirt, shorts & baseball cap!!!

      And if you want to quote a load of bs then this is the forum for you to do it on - you will even have a puppet like non to back you up every so often, because she is not strong enough to have any opinions of her own!

    • Lol at Vic. I just ignore the "haters" now. To me, Serena and Venus are two of the best athletes in sport, love them or hate them.

    • So why bother commenting on someone u don't like? Are u stupid? U think they care about who the f u r? U r ajoke, move on life is too short to be so bitter! It's not hurting them, u r the one with negative energy, please stay away! If I don't like a certain player, I wouldn't worst my time writting anything to do with them, really! U seem to be bothered, u must have some complex issues, maybe ur parents didn't teach u manners, and never kissed u goodnite! Sort urself out and don't take it on successful Williams cos it's not their fault u r the way u r....

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