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  • Well Vic M,

    For starters, I don't give a rat's #$%$ if you want to defend the William's sisters that's you perogative.

    Like it or not, I am entitled to my opinion and whether I agree or disagree with you it is completely irrelevant!

    I don't particularly like watching the William's play and no amount of #$%$ about it is going to change my opinion!

    I have said in another thread that I would much rather watch Laura Robson play then the Williams and I stand by my thread.

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    • I guess you won't have a comment to make if they do make it to the final then. Best if you just pretend Wimbledon is over

    • Wolfcastle that's u! Amd u wonder why the brit females havent' done well on the tennis circuit, keep watching them and stick to it! U don't see me commenting on Laura or whoever u want. It says 'Williams' and ur #$%$ itches....Well clearly the best female earner in sport doesn't give a flying eff really! U cannot compare the Williams' success to any british sportswoman in history! U don't like success, then stay on the dough! My girls work very hard! Try it!

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      • Dont be too hard on Wolfcastle. Its his right to not watch the womens final. Although I feel from his statements that he did not see last years final which I think was the best between the sisters. A bit silly saying he would rather watch Laura Robson because although she has talent and is a very good prospect for the future I dont think she will be winning anytime soon. Wolfcastle may have a quite a few barren years of waiting. In the meantime The willliams would have notched at least 4 slams between them. Minimum!!!!