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  • Good post Jude,

    I believe that had Rafa played at Wimbledon it would have meant another Nadal/Federer final ( it was a real crackerjack of a Mens Singles Final in 2008 between them )

    It would have been no different if both had got to the Mens Final this time round - taking nothing away from the Federer/Roddick Final this year ( another crackerjack ).

    2010 will be the year for Rafa to regain his dominance of the mens game.

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    • Rafa plays hard and doesn't spare his body. That means that unfortunately he might not last very long in top slot or even top-but-one slot, due to injury. What makes Federer such a force is that he has always played in a physically harmonious way: he plays within his physical capabilities, and finds amazing heights without taxing his frame. Rafa battles his physical limitations to achieve the same thing. Proof? Federer has never sustained a major injury, in more than a decade of very high-intensity tennis. Nadal is already struggling with his knees.

      So on balance my vote is for Federer to be longer lasting and more consistently excellent. But good luck to Nadal; he's a firecracker to Federer's smooth rocket.

    • rafa was beten by wawrinka and hewitt 3 days before wimbledon started in hurlington exibition(beaten badly) .So i dont think he would reach the final(not even close).