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  • Yet another defeat for Serena as the golden girl Maria marches to glory, in a way i'm gutted as i would have loved watching Maria wipe the smirk of her arrogant face in the final. I guess i'll have to wait for the US Open for that.

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    • Lol.. earlier, the system said that ranking wont chnage.. Now, Serena could be no.1 again.. lol.. GO SERENA ! !

      Williams can take over No. 1 rankingComment Email Print Share Associated Press

      NEW YORK -- It turns out Serena Williams can move up to No. 1 in the WTA rankings, as long as she makes it to the U.S. Open final. She would just have to wait until a week after the tournament ends.

      There has been much debate and discussion in recent months about why Williams is No. 2 and Dinara Safina is No. 1. The American has won three of the past four Grand Slam tournaments to raise her career total to 11, while the Russian is still seeking her first major title.

      After Safina was upset in the third round at the U.S. Open, she was assured of retaining the top spot when the new rankings are issued Sept. 14, the day after the U.S. Open concludes -- no matter how Williams fares the rest of the way. Williams plays in the quarterfinals Tuesday night.

      But the WTA said Monday that because of the rankings' rolling 52-week system, the points Williams would defend by winning the year's last major tournament -- or losing in the final -- would be enough to push her past Safina in the Sept. 21 rankings.

      What's far easier to understand is this: There is no plan to revamp the way the women's tennis rankings are calculated any time soon.

      "Rankings are so sacrosanct. Any change to it really needs extensive reading. But we don't see any major overhaul," the WTA's new CEO, Stacey Allaster, said Monday.

      "We need to run the data and look at the data with a few years under our belt before we make any wholesale changes to it," Allaster said.

      She said the ranking system serves as a tool to encourage players to participate in and take seriously non-Grand Slam tournaments.

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    • Well Darren F after todays disgraceful loss to Oudin I hope you feel like a right tool for posting that rubbish about Maria beating Serena....you really didnt have to worry about it in the first place did you seeing as she has been bombed out in R3!!

    • I can count the few times that maria has ever beaten serena. Can you? Maria is not bad, she just makes a lot of noise. Serena is humn and she is not expected to win every match. so leave her alone and get a life. Maria is a one hit wonder. no real talent. another Anna . Average looks that people mistook for beauty. She's not a threat to anyone on the tennis scene. Just look at her track record, and it has nothing to do with injuries. that's just an excuse. Real players are the williams sisters, clisjest, henin and the old timers that has now retired. everybody want's to put on the william's shoes, but unfortunately, they cannot walk in them. enough said.

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      • Browning you are complaining about people being unfair to the williams sisters but you yourself are being unfair to maria sharapova. I do seem to remember Maria beating #1 seed serena in 2004 wimbeldon final to take home her first grandslam title. and as far as being a no talent one hit wonder. she is 22 years old and has 3 grand slam titles. Is she one of the alltime greats like serena or venus? No, will she win 10+ grandslam titles? No. But to say a one hit wonder is very excessive. BTW as far as her looks being average, many many men would disagree with you.

    • Dream on! Serena knows not to waste time in these silly tournys...she has 11 single grand slams, how many does Maria have? Besides Serena will always look the same even when she's 50!

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      • Serena will have nothing to worry about facing Maria at the US Open. Marias performance since returning to the tour has been erratic to say the least, and while it hasnt been a total let down (her return to date) I would expect a player of her calibre to be winning at least small tournaments by now. Watch Marias body language when she plays now. It can be so negative, her face is giving so much away as to how she is feeling whereas in the past, even when she was losing in a match, she always remained poker faced. I cant see her getting back anywhere near to the dizzy heights of number one or multiple grand slam winner again.

    • Keep the absurdly biased predictions coming Darren, I'm sure Eurosport will offer you a regular column soon.

    • Dream on Darren !!!!!

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      • Ain't gonna happen Darren. Sharapova clearly isn't confident or comfortable with her new service action yet. Faced with the prospect of Serena's return of serve, that lack of confidence would be disastrous. If you are a Sharapova fan then this ain't a match-up you want to see in a slam right now.