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    Thoughts on Romours of an Henin Comeback

    For those that have not seen this story, it was on the yahoo/Eurosport tennis pages on Wednesday. The Belgian newspaper Vers l'Avenir has reported that Justine Henin will be returning to the tour in January. She is currently in training to prepare for exhibition matches later in the year. That much has been confirmed.

    However the paper then quotes "sources close the matter" as saying, "Her decision to make a comeback is almost definitive. As of January, 2010 "Juju" will be back on the tour." In truth this means nothing, since it is an old trick of journalists to invent unattributed quotes to create a story.

    Niether Justine, who is currently abroad working on a charity campaign with Unicef, or the Belgian Tennis Federation would comment. Carlos Rodriguez, her coach and very close friend, said "There's nobody telling me of a return. We've not spoken about that. I am really astonished." However, Carlos' wife is then quoted as saying "something is in the offing but I'm not allowed to talk about it."

    I noticed that Carlos didn't say a definitive "No". If Justine were even thinking about a comeback he would be the very first person she would tell. So, one way or another, he knows but he isn't saying. I would hazard a guess that she may be seriously thinking about it but may not make up her mind until she has played in the exhibition matches. When she quit she said, "I always based everything on this motivation -- this flame -- that was in me. And once I lost that, I lost many, many things." Playing the exhibition games might be the test to see whether the motivation is truly back.

    As an Henin fan though, I refuse to get too excited about this. It's all a little vague at the moment and I don't suppose we'll know for sure for 2 or 3 months yet.

    One thing is certain, if she has regained her appetite for the game, then we could be in for some fun next year. She would enter the Australian Open as a wild card. Imagine if one of the top seeds drew her in the first round. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they found out.

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