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    I really hope you cought her interview on espn played during the safina match just right now. if not check it out on youtube later on tonight i'm sure somebody would have posted it. she sounded so arragont, and came out as trash with no class whatsoever. You serena fans have no more right to keep the lie of OH SHE IS SO CLASSY AND SO NICE crap anymore. you want to say venus is classy and nice fine i agree, but not that prick serena.

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    • And a big penis too! Let's see urs? Who's running the most powerful nation in the World? Go figure!

    • Doesn't the reference "my baby Serena " give you a clue Footie4life? Vic M is really Richard Williams.

    • I can see I’ve got to you - goodo!

    • I find it funny how you try to put people down using Serena's success not your own. You act if Serena's success is your success.

    • Far from being stupid! My baby Serena is only 27 yrs old and playing some great tennis, there's no room for sadness! My life is a joy! You, on the other hand, are a wrinkling 44 yr old who needs to get some oil of ulay pronto! U start a stupid thread and think that I will let u put Serena down! No chance! look at ur life first b4 u start being critical of others! U criticize Serena's actions but I don't see you standing in her shoes! She's number baby, get used to it!

    • You sad, angry, money minded little person - you are getting as bad as some of those others. You're not worth the bother - you're just far too stupid.

    • So why are u interested in watching her? Serena doesn't watch u! Serena doesn't play for u! U don't pay her bills! Serena is doing Serena! Serena is living her life, I suggest u start doing that too! Serena is the best female athlete out there and she earns it higher than ever! Vamos Serena & Rafa! No matter what u hater fools writeor think about Serena, deep down u know u r jealous cos Serena's fulfiling her dreams, are u???

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      • Vic M, I’ve read your posts on other threads and you seem to be a very angry person. If you think anyone disagrees with you, you become insulting. What does it matter what people think about someone you admire? Come to think of it, nothing that’s written on these threads matters - tennis will carry on regardless of what anyone thinks or writes. The players don’t read it, phew!

        If your comment was in response to mine, read it again. I didn’t criticise Serena. In fact, I’ve never slated a player. I have far too much respect for anyone who can compete in such a tough profession. But really, some of these posts… Throwing in accusations of sexism, racism and, wait for it, joblessness, I ask you. This site gets worse… and in a strange way, funnier.

    • Football, no point in responding to people like browning - you can’t reason with them. Once the racist/ sexist card has been played, you may as well forget it. Not that racism and sexism doesn’t exist, it does, but not on this thread.

      By the way, how’s the job hunting going?

    • No Worries it happens.

    • No serena is not a prick "you are". Funny how maria and other players can openly express their opinions and it great. But when one of the williams sister does it, it becomes a topic. Arrogant? No she's not! Great? Yes she is and can say what she has because she is a top class player that rises to the challenges. And she always shuts up the doubters like you. She gets alot of flock because she's "black" no other reason. I'm sure it's hard to be her. Piss off and crawl crawl back under the rock you came from. Success is hard to swallow isn't it. You probably on dole.

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