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    U.S.Open - a shambles ?

    What do Viewers think of the overall organisation of the US Open Tennis Championship ? Compared to the other 3 Slam Venues ( Melbourne, Paris and London ) I think Forest Hills is really 3rd rate...particularly the noise ( why no "Quiet Please !") before play & the raucous music during 3 game intervals, the slack umpiring ( the ball boys/girls really ARE good ) - no wonder the likes of Serena, even Federer lose their cool with doubtful &/or poor decisions which nowadays is unheard of in Melbourne, Paris or London. That hard courts were flooded during the rain when covers could have been used is another failure of organisation. Tennis tournaments are not the same as baseball or football games and should be handled with a bit more decorum - hopefully we will see improvements in future years....

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    • I totally agree. The worst example of television interests getting a priority is that Del Potro was not allowed to speak in his own language during the trophy ceremony (and when he asked again, he was cut short), because they were "running out of time". I mean, he was the Champion, it was HIS day; he should have had the right to speak as much as he wanted in whatever language! I really pitied him.

    • Totally agree with the sentiments expressed in this post. Apart from all the off-court hooha, the scheduling of matches - particularly at Flushing Meadow - leaves a lot to be desired. This often results in some players gaining a distinct advantage over opponents - eg Del Potro v Nadal - by having an extra rest day. Television interests seems to take priority over consideration for the players (ie. in respect of their daily training routines) and the overall organisation and scheduling of matches.

    • An interesting post. I do think the fact that they won't use covers to protect the courts during rain because it looks 'ugly', absolutely ridiculous. How they can justify the amount of staff scrambling about with large driers and towels time effective is beyond me. I'm not so sure about the umpiring, I think all tournaments have their share of bad calls/decisions but this years were highlighted because they were on 2 very high profile matches. My main gripe has to be the way Del Potro was more or less shooed off court during the awards speech by the presenting guy (sorry, his name escapes me), I thought that was one of the most bad mannered things I have ever seen and I notice they did not do that to Kim when she had her little one on the court. I honestly cringed when the guy cut his speech right down and told him to more or less hurry up so the Lexus lady could rush on with his new car. Apart from that though, I love the US Open!!! It is my favourite grand slam and to me it is the most fun (for the want of a better word).

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      • I, too, was very dismayed that dick (I think that's his name too lol) was rushing darling Delpo. He had just won his first major at 20 years of age! In a 5 setter against the 5 time defending champ Federer, nonetheless! I'm sure everyone would have appreciated a ceremony that was not obviously rushed. I do not even understand the reasoning as to why it was all in such a hurry. Was it so that it could all be televised on CBS (the network it was shown on in America)? If that is the reason, it's a bad one. CBS sucks at covering tennis anyway (not even showing Federer's semifinal match at Wimbledon this year!), but I won't go into that. It makes me sick that Delpo had to ask twice to speak in his mother tongue. Anyone watch the women's final? Caroline got to speak in TWO diff languages, not including English! And she didn't even win lol!

      • Well at least the US Open had the excuse that they didn't have a roof to keep out the rain. The Aussie Open had a roof and air conditioning yet chose not to use them and had players falling over because of the heat.

        I agree with Jude that the umpiring is no worse than any other slam. The only real howler I saw was in the Djokovic semi where Djokovic was denied an ace by rank bad umpiring.

        I've never been all that keen on the US Open myself. It's all a bit too loud and brash for my taste. And I prefer to watch tennis on natural surfaces. Give me Wimbledon or Roland Garros any day.