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  • football4life football4life Sep 17, 2009 12:40 Flag

    U.S.Open - a shambles ?

    The crowds will never change New York is classless and they are proud of it, the fans think they have the right to interfere in the outcome of a match by distracting the server. I have never seen a place where a double fault gets cheered that much (if the crowd is pulling for the other player). My country is going downhill because the majority of my nation has turned into fat lazy obnoxious drunk uneducated pigs. And the reason the roof hasn't been built is greed which always wins out in America, we always want to go for style and revenue by building the biggest court in the world but when it comes time to foot the bill all the sudden there is no more money. Typical

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    • Football, you sound like my relatives in the US and the Americans I’ve met over here who all apologised for Bush saying: “I didn’t vote for him… honest.” Hope you liked that clip.

      I think the scheduling of the US Open leaves a lot to be desired. It’s too tight. With no room for rain delays seems inevitable that it spilt over to Monday for the second year running. Not sure about the slack umpiring - I’ve seen some errors during the other three slams. There have been some controversial calls at the French Open. The big problem there is that they sweep the lines so it’s difficult to see the full outline of the mark made by the ball. Here’s an amusing example of an erroneous decision at Wimbledon if you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VswLKxSwvWY

      Fortunately that was comical and had no effect on the outcome. But to be fair to the officials, the ball moves so quickly, sometimes over 100 mph and sometimes obscured by a player, it’s not surprising they make mistakes.

      As far as noise is concerned, I don’t like the loud music between points or rowdy crowds, but the Aussie Open has that too. Last year I thought I was watching a football match because the crowd was chanting all the way through. Plus a few were ejected for drunken behaviour. The French are famous for vocalizing their displeasure and on occasions the Wimbledon crowd has been known to get carried away. I particularly remember the match between Murray and Gasquet. Strange, they weren’t as biased during Murray’s next match against Nadal. But I take your point regarding the “quiet please”, I think umpires should at least try to maintain some order, though it’s not always possible.

      I’m not a huge admirer of the US Open or the Aussie Open, largely because of the brashness, but also I’m not that keen on hard courts. Personally, I prefer Rolland Garros - love the clay court season. Wimbledon is a favourite too (shame the grass court season is so short). I know to some it might be seen as traditional and old fashioned with its strict rules regarding dress code, but some old fashioned traditions are worth hanging on to… like good manners.

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      • The organisers of the US Open like to do things differently as they are American after all. Personally I think there are too many people on or around the court and there is no chance of the players having a chance to gather their thoughts at change of end. The music is played because Americans can't cope with 90 seconds of nothing happening. They also can't sit still for more than 5 minutes and have to be constantly grazing. I had this experience at the tournament in Cincinnati last year and the whole experience was spoiled for me. Wimbledon was much better although it isn't perfect by any means. I would like to go the US Open if only to experience the atmosphere although not in the nosebleed seats!!

      • yeah i saw the clip thanks woody, those republicans really get on my nerve with how idiotic they are, they call Obama a Socialist and a Nazi at the same time, now how is that even possible?