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  • I have been wondering for sometime now about the future of British tennis and the prospect of seeing a player ( man or woman ) as number one player in the world.

    I know that Andy Murray is playing well at the moment and fully deserves his number 3 ranking at the moment and Laura Robson making the cross over from the juniors to the WTA.

    But other then Andy Murray & Laura Robson the future of the British game isn't looking too promising, as was proved when most of the homegrown players suffered early defeats in this year's Wimbledon Championships!


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    • I take your point Kathy. I think there are a few reasons why there was so much less attention given to Heather Watson's win than Laura's. Firstly , Laura won Wimbledon juniors. As far as the British public and media are concerned, Wimbledon IS tennis. They couldn't care less what happens at the US Open. Secondly Laura did it first and gave us hope for the future of British Women's tennis that we hadn't had for a couple of decades. And lastly, her age made it an astonishing achievement by the standards of World tennis, not just our own modest expectations.

      I hope they both fulfill their potential. If they do then Heather will win a few WTA events and break into the top 20 and Laura will be winning slams. Best of all, Britain will be a real contender in the Fed Cup. Fingers crossed for exciting times to come.

    • My is point was (and is) that we bemoan the fact that we have so few players winning anything that we should rejoice when we do get one.
      The fact that laura robson was so young was not why the papers made such a to do - it was because she is a brit.

      Wouldn't it be a turn up for the books if Heather did actually get through and win a wta as a senior? Give her a boost anyway.
      Quite a few winners of grand slam juniors have had so much promise and fizzled away.
      Ararenka (she of the temper tantrums) was 16.5 when she one a gs junior - not that I am advocating her style of play - the screeching I mean.
      Perhaps it's a confixdence thing that stops Heather from going into the seniors - the press could have given her such a boost - I just think it's a shame they didn't so more.

    • The girl left Australia when she was still in nappies. She didn't pick up a racquet for the first time until she was living over here (4 years old). Virginia Wade grew up in South Africa but you don't hear people questioning her nationality.

      Heather Watson's win did not exactly go unreported but it wasn't anything like as significant as Robson's at Wimbledon and didn't deserve to be treated as such. Laura was the youngest junior GS champion since Hingis and the youngest player in the event. Heather, on the other hand, is at the age when serious contenders are no longer even playing junior events. I don't expect to see Heather Watson thrashing Melanie Oudin or Urzula Radwanska anytime soon, like Laura has.

    • There is also the girl that won the US Open junior girls tournament.
      Heather Watson won the singles junior girls title yet her name is hardly mentioned.
      Laura robson is the name touted about yet Heather won - I think it must be galling for her - she is a winner yet no-one seems to have noticed.

    • Sorry, I should have said as a British Player as number one in the world!