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    It's so surprising that Eurosport decided to ignore the real champions of this year's Australian Open and pretended that they don't know who are those to talk about after these two weeks of great tennis matches. Probably because they have already forgotten that Serena Williams and Roger Federer are this year's australian Open single's winner. What puzzles me a lot is that they now keep talking about the greatest loser, Andy Murray. How can Andy grab all the headlines for failing to stop the curse of the british slam drought as if he is a better player than Roger? Serena Williams was defending both the single and double titles she won last year and after successfully defending them, nothing was said about her. Roger after crying for losing his crown to Rafa last year, successfully regain his trophy and it too was no news to these analysts of eurosport. But Murray who is now the runner up this year after failing to even reach the last eight last year, grabs all the headlines.
    It's as if he is the best tennis player on earth. They are analysing the way he lost to Roger as if he is even that close as good as Roger. What i expected form them was to praise Murray for even reaching the Oz finals for the first time and concentrate on those who won. Serena and Roger have proven to us all that they are one of the greatest if not the greatest tennis player that have ever stepped into the court.
    Serena have won 12 grand slam single's title, 11 doubles, 2 mix doubles, hopman cup, Fed cup, olympics and whatever tennis could offer. Roger has 16 singles and an olympic gold on doubles. What a great talent these two has. No matter how ignored and forgotten their records are to these analysts of eurosport, the fact remains that they are the best that tennis has ever offered this generation and arguably,they are all time best.

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