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  • football4life football4life Feb 17, 2010 00:46 Flag


    British Guy the reason Serena gets attacked much more than Venus is not due to grandslam title count, Venus has 7 not Serena's 12 but 7 is a very high number. The reason Serena gets attacked is because of her personality. When you have a cocky, brash, flamboyant personality people are going to feel passionate either for the hate or love side. CR9 in football draws i hate him or i love him, no ahh he is ok i guess. Lebron james in basketball. Novak, and Murray are the same way in tennis (who by the way are not nearly as bad as Serena in the arrogance department). now compare that to Davy who is really shy and rarely do fans have passionate opinions of him. Serena I hate (yes she backs it up but doesn't change the fact thats how she behaves.) Venus i feel sorry for because she sometimes catches the heat unfairly due to being a part of the "williams due". And Imagine that i don't like serena, CR9, novak, murray, or lebron huh i wonder?