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  • watson watson Mar 28, 2010 10:54 Flag

    ES should be sued for monopoly

    I was wery grateful to ES for showing women's tennis 10-15 years ago when there were no other options to watch it and ES had really great coverage . But now there are thousands other ways to follow every event and thanks to ES we are awarded to watch about 10 matches from hude tourneys like IW and Miami. There is nothing easier than to watch every men's match from main 3 courts from both events - on other TV channel or livestreams. But for women's matches played on the same courts the cameras are switched off they are kept in secret and ES decides which match here and there from later rounds is worthy for the world outside of the courts. Probably I'm a rare case but I don't want to watch only "big names" and my taste doesn't concide always with theirs. And all these restrictions are only for their stupid RIGHTS. Tennistv and ESPN hold the rights for both (men and women) events in America but they don't restrict or have contracts with other broadcasters, bookmakers... But not ES, it's only their exclusive right.Their ESplayer is basically useless outside of the slams - it only duplicates the matches that are on TV and very rarely shows something in addition Even many small international WTA events have much better online coverage because they don't have contract with ES. But for the biggest premiere, mandatory events only ES decides what could be allowed for the world
    I just don't get that policy and think it's a pure monopoly and strongly hope WTA won't prolong their contract with ES

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    • Well, that's not exactly my point. Of course I'm a tennisfan and would like as much tennis as possible but I understand that ES is a general sport channel, not tennis TV, many people prefer football, cycling, snooker... probably these stupid fight-clubs, extreme sports have their audience too. I believe ES makes researches and makes their schedule accordingly, you can't please everybody. The main problem is that they don't give us any other chance to watch the biggest WTA events. Why not allow or make a deal with the bookmakers who broadcast every match from every TV court from every ATP tourney. I don't believe that the problem is with WTA body because these bookies show many small Internatinal WTA events which are not bound with ES too. Or if they are so strict and jealous about their RIGHTS why not make more use of their ES player and show every TV court without commentators even at additional price? At least for the combined events like IW and Miami there are cameras on the main 3 courts anyway. They do that in slams, for snooker, curling.... but not for WTA. Instead they behave like censors and decide for us what, when and how much we should watch

    • I don't care for women tennis to be honest but there are matches that I want to see. But not only ES has dropped the ATp in order to show only WTA but is not showing WTA EITHER!!!!! Now Justine Henin is playing and ES international is showing cycling( taped!!!!) and ES2 is showing......drums......billiard. #$%$?????? Why? Not even speaking about the wresling, extreme sports and football that fill their schedule lately...Way to go, ES *yeah* Soon No one will watch you, good job

    • I agree that Eurosport's coverage is pants. I've been waiting since 8:00pm to watch live tennis from Miami but there's cycling. No explanation. Perhaps they have forgotten that we have changed to BST and they didn't bother to update the Sky Guide? Who knows? Who cares? Eurosport don't.

      The one saving grace of Eurosport coverage are the commentators. But the coverage itself is totally hit and miss. Usually miss.