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  • Bobito Bobito Jun 30, 2010 22:56 Flag

    Tomas Berdych Greatest Human Being of All Time?

    Sorry about the title but I couldn't resist it.

    Well played Berdych. He's going to be very tough to beat if he keeps this up.

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    • Sorry, I had to reply to this. Berdych had an exceptional 2010 but I think he´s going to take a dive this year. I think even if Robert (Stephane who?) hadn´t put up a fight against him in the first round, I think Fognini would have beaten him. And at Wimbledon, I can´t see him getting past the last 16 this year. I hope Berdych can get back on form, but it´ll be difficult to see him play like he did last year.

    • Bobito, if your ancestor is a monkey, that's you. Mine is a human being as i'm a direct product of the creation. i'm not coming from a worm, that became a fish and later a monkey...that's you.
      your picture may be a clue.

    • Bobito, did you evolve from a monkey?
      Me i am a product of the creation, and my first ancestor is a human being not a fish,or a worm, .. that evolved to become a monkey.

    • One thing we can certainly agree on Guy is that you have clearly not evolved from a monkey.

    • cool. eurosports removed my reply to this post. Rightly (i assume) as i referred to some religious books.

      And there is no need to go back to the issues as i would never be able to convince people who believe the theory that man has been on earth for hundreds of thousands of year, descending from monkey...

      i believe that it's only for 6000 years that man has been on earth, and that's well documented.
      the rest is 'theory, speculation, imagination', not facts as Chemical ali said it very well.

      it's about creation and evolution.

      the one who believe in evolution, believe also in those hundreds different theories.

      The one who believe in creation, believe that man is created in the image of a powerful invisible creator, and had all abilities, skills to build houses, invent machines, pyramids, tools etc. there were no need of millions of years of evolution, metamorphose from molecule through 'lizard',fish, monkey and all that #$%$ to achieve that.

      sorry, i would not browse through those links cause i don't have time and i know there is nothing new for me there.

    • Cool Bobito, Let's sum and i think we all agree about the following:

      1. Explorers were those 'aventuriers' who started long journeys from Europe to Africa, Asia, America etc. using technologies in place enabling them to travel and find their way to their destination.Though, One of them was meant to head to India in Asia, took a wrong path and found himself in America, and in the confusion, called the native people 'indians' as he really though that he reached India. Reason why native american are called indians. That was 15th century.

      2. ancestors of aborigenes or native americans are not explorers. That's why io said that you messed up with history. The terminology is very important.

      3. those 'ancestors of aborigenes' could never travelled with boat as there were no such a technology in the pre-historic times which as we know are divided in 3 eras: stone age, bronze age and iron age.. We all know that egyptian civilization, medo-perses and greeks were not pre-historic civilizations.

      4. people have migrated from place to place because of lots of reasons: climate, hostilities, food etc. the phenomene is called migation and not 'exploration of continents'.

      To finish, i am not going to go through those links cause i don't have time for that and i know i would learn nothing new.

      there are still 2 waves of thinking;

      1. people who thinks that human being has been on earth for 6.000 years only. there are lots of facts to support it. The bible for example, maybe the Koran tells about the creation and the stage when human being came on earth.
      from Adam to Noah who built the Ark, 20000 years passed by
      from Noah to Jesus-Christ, 2000 years.
      And from Jesus-christ birth to now, it's almost 2000 years. There are lots of documenetation to trace a great deal of those 6000 years of human life on earth.

      2. there are some scientists who believe that human being has been on earth for hundreds of thousands of years. But, it's only theory. the evolution THEORY sustains that way of thinking. But as we know, it's only a THEORY.

      As CA said, people have migrated from places to places. But there is no any factual confirmation that when the continents separated, men was already existing.

      The bible and the scientists are all stating (and it's true} there have been separation of continents at one moment . we can see the proof by the shape of the continents, the different climate, landcape and rainforests etc.

      That's my last pot about the topic. NEW BALLS PLEASE
      As CA said, TENNIS..

      IS Kim favourite for the US Open? yes. She has a good record on hard court; she's even one of the best hard court player out there. But is she going to do the IW, the Marbella or she will do the Miami?
      But i'll bet my money on her unless Serena recovers on time.

    • Guy, the prevailing theory says that humans had a single origin in Africa. They then migrated across the globe displacing no-one, since no-one was there. Terms like "indigenous American" and "aboriginal Australian" are not literal, they distinguish 40,000-year-old arrivals from 500-year-old arrivals.

      Remember that during ice ages, sea levels drop and land masses expand. Russia and Alaska were once connected, so migration from Eurasia to America happened by foot. Likewise crossing from South-East Asia into Australia was not beyond pre-historic man.

      None of this is "fact" of course, it's a scientific theory, based on DNA profiling and fossil evidence.

      I totally agree with you Guy about the modern colonialists who raped and pillaged their way into our history books.

      So yeah, tennis...

    • don't get angry, Bobito and please stop with the joke issue. i'm not discussing the joke issue, i'm discussing a particular comment made by Woody refering to me as i have counted Ali among the ghboat...you know that. so stop with this ridiculous joke stuff. i hope now you understand my point. it's not about the joke thing, it's about woody's post. i've answered her, and kathy asked me for some precisions about ali and the fact that 3 out 4 people i cited are blacks, and from nowhere you came in and started that tirade of ...your tactic of reprating that 'it's a joke', ' you don't get it' is quiet childish.

      about the arborigenes, you want to tell me that those people were living maybe somewhere in america and built some boats to travel to autralia?

      there is no indication that bantus, aborigenes, incas, maya, native american or their ancestors have built boats strong enough to travel between continents in dangerous sea conditions during those pre-historic times.
      Though egyptians had ships that followed the Nile stream, there was lots of trade going on in mediterranean sea with Egyptians, phenicians and some middle oriental people... but no indication of aborigenes of autralia or their ancestors using boats to cross oceans as massive as the atlantic, indian or pacific... in the pre-historic times.
      Unlesss you bring a factual reference, your view is 100% imaginative.

      the aborigenes are not explorers. the explorers are the people i have refered to in my previous posts: vasco de gama, columbus, de brazza, cameron,magellan etc. there is no indication that people you refered to have built great machines to cross the atlantic. you are just speculating.

      and there is no need to get angry refering to easyjet to mock me. i like facts, not imagination.

    • Guy - sorry but you still don't get it do you?


      By asking for an explanation and suggesting that I must have been either drunk or stoned when I wrote it, you demonstrated that you did not understand a very obvious joke (and apparently still don't).

      Woody's first response was not a joke, it was an attempt to explain to you the joke in the title.

      The reason other people have been mocking you is that you cannot understand that the topic's title is a joke, no matter how many times people explain it to you. And that is the subject of Chemical Ali's "Joke for Guy", which is not a joke about a dog, it is a joke about you. But you clearly still don't get that one either.

      As for me "messing up with history". How do you imagine the ancestors of Australian Aboriginies and Native Americans got there, Easyjet? The first people to reach these continents were explorers. That they didn't have a compass makes their achievement even greater.

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