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  • Can someone tell me how on earth Vera Zvonareva ever got to number 2 in the world if she thinks it is a good tactic to try and constantly drop shot a player with great speed who gets everything back like Caroline Wozniacki? Her performance tonight was one of the most idiotic displays i have ever seen. Why have no current women tennis players got the ability to use their brains on a tennis court? The only possible exception being Radwanska. The last player who was able to do this was Martina Hingis & nothing since. Today's players need to realise that their is more to tennis than forehands and backhands. They must also realise that if plan a is not working just hitting the ball harder is not a suitable plan b.

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    • It's easy to be wise after the event but we have to remember that a player chooses which shot to play in an instant, not as a considered decision. There are a number of factors that go into that choice: the player's own position on the court and the the angles available, the position of the opponent, the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, which shots the player is most confident playing etc.

      Some players will always play a certain shot simply because they are not confident about the alternative. Until 2006, Amelie Mauresmo would nearly always hit her forehand cross court, regardless of the opponent's position, because she had no confidence in her forehand down the line. Andy Murray does much the same thing. They would rather keep the rally going that attempt a shot that they are not confident of making.

      As far as ill judged drop shots are concerned, it is often a sign of desperation. They are getting beat and have no answer to the way their opponent is laying so they'll try anything. Again it's down to a limited skill set. The original post was about Vera Zvonareva, a player who hits everything flat and at the same pace. If that doesn't work she has little else so she resorts to desperate drop shots. That doesn't make her unintellegent, just limited in what she is able to do.

    • Come on..lack of tennis intelligence because of that missed drop shot?..you must be kidding. how many times we have seen similar mistakes, ...do they all lack tennis intelligence? how can a player without tennis intelligence being ranked so high as Monfils. How can a player without tennis intelligence compete succesfully at this level?
      if a top 15 tennis player lacks tennis intelligence, how about the lower ranked ones?
      you called it previously mental lapses, but how mental lapses can become lack of tennis intelligence?
      Be man enough and recognize your mistake instead of dwelling in a statement that doesn't make sense.
      Sort this out.

    • No I definitely said Monfils lacks tennis intelligence BY PRO STANDARDS.

    • I guess you saying Monfils lacks tennis intelligence is also my opinion?

    • Well from your stand that's an opinion, not a statement by me like you tried to portray it.

    • It is one thing to say a player is making errors as opposed to extrapolating and saying that shows lack of tennis intelligence as you have done vis a vis Monfils. Your statements contain too much certainty as if you know so much more than the players. How well do you know Monfils to state that he lacks tennis intelligence? From where I stand only someone who thinks he/she knows more than the player will make such a statement.

    • Where did I say i have more tennis intelligence than the top players? I stated several times that they know much much more than us scrubs but they are held to a much higher standard than us (obviously). Making up statements is the big sign of conceding the point. AND YES mental lapses that occur repeatedly with some players can be considered to be a lack of on court smarts (again by pro standards as I have said before). Again i invite you to quote me on where I said I have more knowledge than the pros? Good luck

    • Are you now equating a mental lapse to tennis intelligence? I think you have just made my point. You are the one being very simplistic if you think you have more tennis intelligence than any of the top tennis players.

    • Kmf,

      Have you seen today's match between monfils and verdasco in the first set tie break, monfils is cruising on his serve and chooses a terrible drop shot that gifted verdasco the set. Now guess what that was a lack of tennis intelligence, and even us scrubs can see that. Also, I find your argument very simplistic to the point of being childish, are we to assume that because they are pros they don't have mental lapses on court?

    • Football, it is a statement like the one you have made that I will classify as lacking intelligence. Why do I say so? Because you do not know what the players work on when they are training and you also do not know what style of play will fit the skills set of a particular player. Players practice many different kinds of shots when they are training. However in a tournament, a player will usually play a style they are comfortable with. That does mean they are not working on integrating other styles into their game and it does not mean they lack intelligence. It takes time to make changes in any sport. If it were that easy, we would all be great athletes.

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