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  • Non Non Jan 16, 2011 04:56 Flag

    Who is your pick to win the Aussie Open???

    This is a difficult one to call however here are my picks to win the title:

    Men: Roger Federer/Rafa Nadal
    Women: Justine Henin/Kim Clijsters

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    • Woody - From what I've read the reason Tomic made that remark was a pathetic attempt to blame the Aussie Open organizers for his 2nd round loss last year. I gather the lad comes from the Jeff Tarango school of ettiquette and sportsmanship. To have already served a 1 month ban from the ITF at his age is not good. To make matters worse, his father appears to be a complete #$%$ as well.

      I stand corrected Ali. I knew Kvitova was older than Pavlyunchenkova but I thought she was a few months younger than Wozzi rather than the other way around. I would back Kvitova to win a slam ahead of Wozniacki though. Wozzi's game will get you through the first week of a slam but then you are going to come up against someone with more offence who is in good nick. At that point you have to hit winners before they do. That is Kvitova's game plan, not Wozniacki's.

    • She's older than Wozi and Ana Pav ;)

    • Non, Bobito, I agree with you both. I was impressed by her game and the way she handled the big occasion and pressure on big points. By the tiebreak I was coming to the conclusion that she could soon be a collector of slams. I can see her rising through the ranks. I thoroughly enjoyed the match and the one after.

      I think the match between Nadal and Tomic was a good one for both of them. I think Nadal needed to be tested and he has an idea of which part of his game needs tweaking. Even though Tomic lost, this was a good match for him. It was a good lesson in playing a top ranking player and he should walk away with a lot of confidence knowing that he managed to get Nadal on the back foot. Mind you, I was impressed by Nadal winning the second set from 4-0 down; just shows that he never gives up.

      I hadn’t heard much about Tomic other than talk of his potential and that he doesn’t like to play at night. He once gave the reason, and I quote “it’s passed my bedtime”. I’m sure he didn’t mean it to sound the way it did; could help but laugh though. This is the first time I’ve seen him play and I shouldn’t be surprised if he too improves his raking. He seems to play with a “devil may care” approach, which in a way is quite refreshing. He’s got a lot of power and has good anticipation. The only weakness I could see was a lack of experience and perhaps a bit in his movement. Still, at only 18, that’s to be expected and he can improve.

      An interesting first week – roll on the next.

    • I totally agree with you Bobito. She is also a lefty and has a good serve. I still remember that US Open third or fourth round match she played against .Safina in 2009; she was phenomenal.
      It takes a lot of guts to beat Stosur in straight sets in fornt of the patriotic crowd.

    • To be honest Non, I'm becoming more and more convinced that Petra is the real deal. She has more to her game than the other top players of her generation, Wozniacki, Azarenka, Wickmeyer & Pavlyuchenkova, and she is younger and improving quickly. She also has a cool head on her shoulders and good tactical nouse.

      Although the thrashing she gave to Wozniacki at Wimbledon was impressive, it was her match against Serena that convinced me. Serena was genuinely rattled throughout the first set.

      The way she's going, Kvitova will end up winning a bunch of slams.

    • Great results for Petra, she is the one to watch in that draw. I remember her having a great run at Wimbldeon last year before losing to the eventual champion, Serena.

    • Well my outside pick, Petra Kvitova, is looking pretty good right now, having shown Sam Stosur the door.

      She now has five wins against top 16 seeded players in GS events:

      2008 Roland Garros
      Beat (13) Agnes Szavay 7-6 4-6 6-2

      2009 US Open
      Beat (1) Dinara Safina 6-4 2-6 7-6

      2010 Wimbledon
      Beat (11) Victoria Azarenka 7-5 6-0
      Beat (4) Caroline Wozniacki 6-0 6-2

      2011Australian Open
      Beat (5) Sam Stosur 7-6 6-3

    • Yes Woody I'm a big fed fan, but I also respect rafa greatly. Watching Delpo right now, OMG the guy is a monster, one could forget a bit after he has taken such a layoff. That forehand is just unfair. Rafa, Fed, Djoker all better be on notice the boy will be back threatening for slams by summer time. once again that forehand OMG, he just hit one down the line on the dead run that left a smoke trail behind it.

    • Hi Football,

      This could be a wild stab in the dark, I get the feeling are you a Fed fan. Hey, you have every reason to feel good about him in 2011. I think the blip in early 2010 was partly down to his loss of focus/motivation (can't blame him for that) and not loss of talent. He's playing with confidence again and I think he has his eyes on the history books. Whether he will succeed is something I'm not going to predict. I've learned my lesson.

    • well said woody!

      I'm feeling good about fedex in 2011, one more week at #1 to catch pete for all time record, and one or two more slams will put rafa out of reach for the slam mark.

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