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  • football4life football4life Jan 16, 2011 23:44 Flag

    Who is your pick to win the Aussie Open???

    Hi Woody, I agree about davy and soderling, they will cause upsets and break open the draw but will not win it. Smart choice staying away from the women's side, it's so unpredictable we might as well put the top contender names into a hat and draw out of it.

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    • Woody - If you were betting person and split your money between Federer and Nadal then you wouldn't get much of a return on your fiver I'm afraid. They'll both be very short odds.

      Men's - Nadal

      Women's - Henin

      Outside bet - Petra Kvitova

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      • Nice one Football, that made me chuckle.

        Bobito, yes, I know. Just as well I’m not a betting person.

        I’m not surprised you picked Henin on the women’s side. My concern is her lack of match play since the injury. Having said that, she doesn’t seem to need that much. She had little match play last year and got to the final – stonking match.

        Hm, so you picked Nadal for the men’s. I had thought/expected you’d go for Federer; another reason not to be a betting person. I’m interested to know why you favour Nadal as I’m having trouble separating those two.