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    Djokovic - Good Player in Great Form or Great Player in Good Form?

    There is no question that Novak Djokovic has been playing incredible tennis these past four months. What remains to be seen is whether it's a permanent raising of his level or whether he is simply riding a wave of super-confidence that will end with him coming down to Earth. When his winning streak comes to an end will he step back on court next time out and carry on playing as he has been this year or will he revert to his level of previous years?

    I suspect that he has permanently upped his game, though perhaps not quite to the level that he's been playing this year. I also expect Nadal to come back with a gameplan to beat him very soon. How Djokovic responds to that will probably decide his place in tennis history. Interesting times ahead.

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    • Dear Bobito, Djokovic always was a great player, but now, he is here to stay !
      I remember three or four years ago I promised I will never ever post on this message board if Novak doesn’t` reach number one, remember ? ;)
      So I guess this doesn’t` count anymore, because he will be number one in two weeks ;)
      Phoenix has risen

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      • Hi Igor.

        What you actually said was that if he didn't beat Nadal in their Roland Garros semi-final in 2008, you would never post on here again. Nadal went on to beat him easily in straight sets. However, I'm not going to hold you to it, it's good to have you back.

        Federer (16 slams), Sampras (14), Emerson (12), Borg (11), Laver (11), Tilden (10), Nadal (9), Conners (8), Lendl (8), Perry (8), Rosewall (8) and Agassi (8) are the greats of the game of tennis. Djokovic (2) is not there yet.

        My question is will he now go on to join them? To do so will take four good years rather than four months.

      • Actually Igor/Phoenix, he will need atleast 3 weeks to become #1. Also, don't forget that Djokovic has NEVER beaten Nadal or Federer in a slam final. He is playing out of his mind right now but I believe that during the summer circumstances will come where his confidence and form will suffer (Not a criticism of Novak, nobody could sustain form like that, tennis is simply too hard). That being said lets all enjoy his current form to push around a 24 year old Nadal on clay means you are doing something extremely special.