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    Women's Tennis

    The level just keeps on dropping. Will Sam Stouser, Caroline, Azerenka or anybody of the youngies step up and force the rest to bring up their games. This is seriously getting painful.

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    • he WTA has been robbed of its two most high-profile performers this year with 13-times grand slam champion Serena suffering serious health problems and Venus sidelined with a hip injury.

      WTA chief
      read it and weep Nina

    • hmmm is it not interesting to note that the mens game used to draw more attention with the power game and 120 miles per hour servies ala pistle pete

      the in comes Venus and Seles before her wiht speed and power all of a sudden the womens game became more interesting.

      Seles is retired Venus,Serena, Clisters, Henin are leaving and the games back to its boring yester year

      so of course Venus Clisters and Serena coming back to the game will make an impact its up to the other players to live with them.

    • kmf,
      perfectly put and it reflects my opinion also.

    • sadly the williams sisters who have very little interest in tennis and two weeks ago could not support any tournaments all year as they don't want to play the hard slog of the tour in the heat and on clay, now are all better how amazing !!!!!, know they can pop up at wimbledon and overpower anyone on the grass, and then they will be absent again. what a joke. certainly not the same money as the men for what ??

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      • You make a very good point right at the end, king penguin. If the prize money at Wimbledon represents fairness on both the mens and the womens level, then a Williams winner this year makes the argument that they are only turning up for the money but also that every other womens tennis player just isnt putting in the effort in their game to improve. I think in this instance a cut in the womens prize would be justified and send out a stern message to the WTA.

    • I don't care if the h2h is 16-0. Unless you are a fortune-teller, to blatantly say up-front Zvonareva has no chance is plainly ridiculous.

      2011 Vera is after all a top 5 player, two times Grand Slam finalist and one of the current crop who seems to have the measure of The Grinder (Wozniacki).

    • Bobito,
      The Wozi vs Mauresmo match was a Semi Final which means Emelie was in some good form at Madrid and she is known to be a very good clay court player. She played 12 clay Finals with 6 victories beating the likes of Venus & Capriati.
      There is no doubt she was not in her prime and had not won an event in 2 years but that year 2009 when Wozi beat her Emilie had beaten players like Ivanovic (the top seed at Brisbane). She later won at the Open GDF SUEZ tournament in Paris defeating Elena Dementieva in the final.
      In Key Biscayne, Florida she won the Doubles event with her tennis partner Svetlana Kuznetsova after ousting the world champions.
      Fed Cup she won both her single matches as well as the doubles.
      Then came Madrid came from behind to defeat Elena Dementieva in the 3rd rnd, beat Ágnes Szávay in the QF before losing to Wozi.
      Not the best of seasons by her standards but she was still playing pretty good tennis.
      Her success ratio in number of finals per year
      2003= 2 of 6, 2004= 5 of 9, 2005= 5 of 8,
      2006= 6 of 10, 2007= 1 of 4, 2008= 0 of 0,
      2009= 1 of 1. No doubt 2006 being her best year.
      Wozi was just 19 at the time and just starting to make her mark.
      Anyway and regardless of all that, I hope we are not going to hear the same excuses if or when Wozi plays and beats other top athletes like Serena, Venus or Kim.
      You are on the court, that means you are in a good physical condition to play and you enter the arena to win not to lose.

    • Con - You will no doubt remember then that Mauresmo was, by that time, troubled by persistent injuries, very close to retirement and a shadow of the player she had been three years earlier. The comparison was with the 2006 Mauresmo who won Australian Open and Wimbledon titles, was ranked #1 among a very strong group of players and had a 7-2 winning record against Justine, Kim and Serena for the year.

      Wayn - You might like to check the head to head between Henin and Zvonareva. Justine won all six in straight sets without ever being taken to a tie break. Last year, Zvonareva's most successful year, Henin thrashed her 6-4 6-1. As I said, it would be a mismatch.

    • The question is this - has the standard of women tennis gone down or are people unhappy because their favourite players are no longer on the scene? I know it took me a long time to enjoy ATP after the my favourite, McEnroe, retired. I still watch tennis but for me no one will come close to McEnroe. But it will be a foolish argument if I say the standard of play has gone down for men.

      Why is it that we keep on harping on the standard of play on the WTA? I think it is generational. For me, Wozniacki and her colleagues are quite phenomenal. It is true some players do not last long at the top and they may seem inconsistent. An answer to that issue may be that we have more competition on the WTA. These days we have players from all over the world competing in tournaments. It was not long ago that quite a few people were clamouring for the return of Henin. Her return actually made no impact. I think we should just enjoy the WTA as is. Every generation is unique and the current generation is doing their best. And of the current generation, Wozniacki has demonstrated that she is the best. I hope she gets a slam victory soon so all those silly questions will end.

    • Bobito, interesting matchups indeed.
      Unfortunately we will not be able to reach conclusions just by verbal means.

      You say Amelie's all court game would be too much for Wozi....
      I remeber the one and only match between Wozi and Emelie at Madrid in the Semi Final 7-6(1) 6-3 Wozi's way. Wozi was 19 and Emelie 29 years of age. Youth definitely triumphed over Experirnce on that occasion.
      I also remember the last meeting between Wozi and Serena 6-7(5) 6-3 7-6(3). She made Serena sweat on that day.
      It is entirely different on court face to face.

    • Well, I guess that if some base the standard on the finesse alone than they probably have moaned about the womens game since the arrival of sisters. Today womens tennis is about power game, finesse has become less important because it simply is not enough to win big matches. Martina Hingis was admired for her finesse and yet later on in her career she did not do quite as well against big hitters.
      If all technical developments meant drop in standard than tennis overall is bad because they no longer play with wooden rackets... No, the technology has helped players to develop new skills and that always comes at the cost of limiting/eliminating some of the old ones.

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