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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 28, 2011 07:28 Flag

    Spineless officiating

    When are we ever going to see an umpire that has the backbone to stand up to Rafael Nadal? I'm not suggesting his injury was faked yesterday but for the umpire to allow Nadal to have the trainer on before the first set tiebreak was totally wrong. Yes Nadal was in pain but he could have played on for the 5 minutes or so the tiebreak would have taken. If this had been some obsure player ranked 80 in the world the umpire would have had no problem telling him this but because it's Rafael Nadal he can do whatever he wants. After all his whole career Nadal has constantly broken time violation rules and nothing is ever done about it so why stop now? Rules and fair should apply to all otherwise what's the point?

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    • I think this is the problem with injury timeouts in general, they can be abused. Unfortunately, what other option is there? I would rather have the rule there and have it be abused sometimes rather than have a player who is in sincere need of a timeout be denied because its at a critical point of a set.