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  • Chuck Chuck Jan 10, 2007 17:47 Flag

    Its all go go go on the transfer front

    Well, actually, at the time of writing it isn't really go go go just yet. There'e been a handfull of signings so far in this transfer window but are there any big moves to come?

    Last season, Pompey managed to avoid relegation with the purchase of a number of winter bargains. Can West Ham, Charlton and the other clubs teetering on the edge of relegation do something similar?

    And what about the bigger clubs? Will we see any big-name signings? Share your thoughts on who'll go where...

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    • Chelsea have... Ashley Cole Lampard Terry Joe Cole And loads of youth academy players that sometimes break through to the bench

    • What about Wayne bridge,Shaun wright phillips and the six english fringe players at CHELSEA

    • What about Wayne bridge,Shaun wright phillips and the six english fringe players at CHELSEA

    • I have been a suppoter of Chelsea since 1967 when chelsea lost 2-1 to tottenham in the fa cup. I have seen highs and lows. But I am not happy with Chelsea at this moment as money has changed the whole face of chelsea. No shed no atmosphere no go out there and fight. Money rules. I don't think the board of Chelsea even cares about the avarage supporter. Not like Liverpool. The rules should change for all sports a limited number of players and a limited number of overseas players or it will always be a 2 or 3 horse race. Chelsea should change before it destroys the club forever.

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      • I've only been a Chelsea supporter since 1969 so call me a glory boy if you wish, but...

        Yes, money has helped elevate Chelsea from one of the best to one of the very best, if not the best, in the country. I'm enjoying football and Chelsea more than any time in the last 37 years.

        Does money rule? Partly. All teams need money for players and the more they get the better the players they can buy. So it is for Chelsea. So it has been for Man U and Liverpool and Arsenal and Blackburn and Newcastle and Leeds. And all those clubs in the lower divisions. I grew up in Weymouth and they got promotion to the Conference League last year on the back of a local businessman who put money into the club. Now he's lost his shirt Weymouth are in a bad way again. So the problem, if it is a problem, isn't Chelsea, it's the whole of football.

        It's not just money. We may have spent 10 squillion on new players but we're still not top of the league! The champions league can be won by little teams without our spending, like Porto and Liverpool, so the money still has to be turned into teams and performances.

        I don't think you can blame the Chelsea board for the atmosphere in the ground. That's down to the fans. But whenever I've been to Stamford Bridge this season there has been planty of atmosphere, and plenty of support from the fans for Shevchenko and SWP and Hilario and others.

        Your rule changes couldn't be made to work even if they were seen as the best way forward. The world has moved on.

        I haven't the faintest idea why you think Chelsea is headed for destruction. If destruction is back to back championships, beating Barcelona in the champions league two years in three and being at the sharp end of four trophy campaigns, I'll go down with the ship.

        Maybe you're trolling...


      • Yes,I agree with Gary's comment about the state of chelsea team right now. Sorry Gary, I'm not a Chelsea fan myself but I always keep a tab on Chelsea since the day of Peter Osgood..I always cherished the Chelsea teams of yesteryears..Then, it was not about money football, but always entertain its fans me included..And FiFa or the English FA, should limits the number of what the so called,"mercenary soldiers", from every teams..Period.

    • David Beckham only plays football for the money if he has not got enough already. He says he wants to reach 100 caps for england that will never happen as his bank balance is more important than wearing the shirt. He has had his day and enough media attention. He should put something back into the game in england why he is thinking of an acadamy in the usa it should be in England and where he started from.

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      • who is this joker ? where do you think his academy is. If he decides he wants to set up his academy in the usa,on the moon that is his decision. He don't owe you or anyone else anything. he did his part for the game, was a great ambassador to the game, got shafted by alot of people in the game, and has now had enough. Come on, lets look at the way he has been treated. You bring in a manager to the england camp who doesn't have a good track record, and he has got it wrong already. Leaving Becks out of the equation to me was a publicity stunt. "Go on Becks do what you have to do man ignore these jokers. Its your life your money your future"

    • Manchester united have the signing of the window larsson and i reckon neil warnock signing will not save them from the drop he needs to take a few lessons from big sam on signing good cheap players ,,,chelsea for the prem !!!!!!!

    • ronaldo madrid to ac milan/newcastle, mascherano west ham on loan to liverpool,klose bremen to man utd,carew lyon to w bremen,alan bennett cork to reading,hargreaves munich to man utd,cambpell portsmouth to chelsea. sad news about seb deisler he was a great midfielder and will be missed

    • phillips to saty at chelsea!

    • phillips to saty at chelsea!

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