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  • Mike Mike Jun 5, 2009 19:09 Flag

    Johnson back to Chelsea

    Great, more wasting money, next we will sell Mancienne to someone like Wolves, then buy him back next year for 25 million, my club are messing too much.What has happenrd to the idea of lowering the age of the squad?. At least the Gooner's are trying the youngsters out, and they are'nt to far behind.

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    • if chelsea sells bosingwa and buys johnson, that would be madness.cchelsea may buy johnson, but to sell bosingwa....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    • i be suprised if chelsea buy him back when there are so many good backs out thereand also his record not good chelsea have had enough bad boys dont need anymore thanks so no deal glen get another one from somewhere else and who can be told what to do he had one good season dont make a great player

    • what the hell is going on with my favourite club, CHELSEA..Are they mad? I really think that resign Johnson is not a good idea...cuz, he is the most unconsisten player in CHELSEA team before this, and also for portsmouth. Bosingwa is still the best right back defender for us eventhough he make a little mistake...I really hope CHELSEA will not follow Carlo Ancelotti decision to sign Johnson, cuz it is waste of money...but i really hope that pato rumor signing will be true...RIbery? Naaa... I don't think he will come to us...

    • At least they have recovered him, and boy is he pretty decent or what. I think Chelsea are suddenly signing all these english players (Sturridge, Johnson and possibly Ashley Young) to prepare them for when 6+5 becomes law. I don't think they would be signing Sturridge or Johnson otherwise. They need to be able to start 6 English players without having it affect the quality of the first team. If they can sign Young and Johnson, they would have achieved that objective.

      I think they will make Stoch, di Santo and Mancienne stick around for use in the Carling Cup, while the stars are the oness playing week in, week out. It seems like Ancelotti might actually use a youth policy that can benefit the team.

    • the reason Johnson looks like he is playing well, is cause he plays for Portsmouth who to be far are not that good!!

    • i don't understand why the hell we're selling bosingwa in the first place... he's a right-sided version of ash, and just as world class... and johnson is an over-rated muppet you couldn't defend a barracks against a 5 year-old kid with a water-pistol...

      whoevers idea this transfer is, has completely lost the plot

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      • I dont see chelsea selling bosingwa, he'sperfect. as said he's same as cole. its the very last position chelsea need to buy in. we have 5 players that can play there.

        this would be the worst signing in the history of the club if it happens.

        a young left back to help cover for a.cole should be purchased.

        I hear ross turnbull is going to get bought as backup to cech. I like that, sounds good idea.