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  • Timar Timar Jun 8, 2009 20:33 Flag

    Who is the striker that Chelsea need?

    Tell me your opinion that what kind of forward Chelsea need,and who should be?

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    • The striker that can fit chelsea forward must be skillful, able to turn @ 360 degree, able to play accurate shots and to byepass any defence. Such person must be one like IKECHUKWU UCHE, present GETAFE AND NIGERIA Super Eagle stiker..........On behalf of chelsea fans in Nigeria.

    • striker - loads of opinions; I cant pick the right one.

      Ronaldo but he wont leave Man U.
      Tevez but he wont leave Man U.
      Rooney but he wont leave Man U.
      Torres but he wont leave Liverpool.
      Adebayor but he said he is not leaving arsenal until he gets silverware (which will be ages)
      Van Persie but I dont think he will leave Arsenal

      I could go on all night

    • We will keep using Drogba for at least two more seasons. Some strikers are evergreen, and are in full form till retirement, and I think Drogba's one of them. No point in criticizing or replacing the owner of the Golden Boot from the line-up. And I can't see why the support of Malouda or Joe Cole needs mending. It's all very good.

      Aguero and the like will cost big money when we don't need them anyway. We have strikers who were recently in very rich form, what's the point in replacing them?

      If anything, Chelsea should prepare for when Ballack and Deco call time on their Chelsea careers. Lampard's going to be around till 2013, so that isn't a problem for the present. Of the trio of Ballack, Deco, and Lampard, only Lampard seems to be improving his level despite his age. The other two seem to be stagnant at best, or degrading at worst. It's them Chelsea must take care of.

      But you know, a midfield four of Joe Cole, Essien, Lampard and Malouda wouldn't work out too bad with Drogba and Anelka. It's perfect for the present. All Chelsea have to do is prepare to replace Deco, and get a back-up for Ashley Cole. Like how Germany work with Ballack and Frings, so could Essien and Lampard.

      So, in a nutshell, a striker is exactly what Chelsea don't need. They already have Sturridge, Drogba, Anelka, Kalou, di Santo, Shevchenko, Pizzaro. They need a better central midfielder, and a cover for Ashley Cole.

    • David Villa. We all know what he can do and he could mprove by moving to a better club.

    • Pavel Pogrebnyak. He is an instinctive and talented finisher, he has a killer mentality (zenit captain at age 24) he is massively strong, quite fast, and also quite tall (only 1cm shorter than drogba)

      He's also a more rounded player than Drogba - he can do a great job tackling, and is a great team-player.

      I think Pogrebnyak is Drogba Mk II

      The only shortcoming of Pogrebnyak is that he is instinctive more than technical. He is a good technitian - better than most strikers in the PL - but he hasn't got the slight touch and flair of Drogba - maybe Drogba could tutor him a bit~

    • i think we should look into a bigger scope....

      chelsea need players like kenwyne jones,and

      athlethic bilbao striker,fernando llorente..

      balotelli,bayern striker,podolski or tuncay

      sanli is also good addition to bolster the

      squad....these are my opinion

    • Sergio Aguero, who just turned 21 last week, is quick, two-footed and proven. Chelsea will probably be without Drogba for the group stage of next season's Champions' League, and so will need an additional striker with a track record of scoring goals at top level. David Villa would be tremendous buy, but seems reluctant to leave the sunnier climes of Spain. And he's nowhere near as young as Aguero. Pato, would be a great additiion as a genuine playmaker, Brazilian style. Ribéry wouldprovide speed, but he seems to think England has the same climate at Munich, which clearly it doesn't. Also, with Malouda finally coming good, do Chelsea really need to spend £35m or so on him? Probably not. Stick with Aguero, Villa (if he's come) and Pato.

    • chelsea must buy sergio aguero and daniel sturridge and glen johnson and franck ribery and david villa and sameul eto

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      • Glen Johnson is not a striker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        and do you really think Etoo would leave barcelona to go to a team like chelsea?

      • that was a stupid comment. 1 glan johnson aint a striker and he is the last player in the world chelsea should be signing. and 2 you've suggested 4 strikers and just putting names you've heard mentioned in the papers.

        chelsea need to but depending on what they plan to play like. drogba is a 1 off, jones may be similar but not in same league and honestly Im not sure he ever will be. a young striker would obviously be good as drogba and anelka still have at least 2 top seasons left. Aguero would be in my opinion perfect, different to what we have and a goalscorer and he's 21. other than that Ive always loved villa. if they want a taller player then dzeko could be a good choice. remember we have drogba, anelka, kalou, di santo, pizzaro and shevchenko all in the striking squad. Obviously a couple will leave but thats still not a bad group. Making a partnership and playing 2 would be the best choice for me. Would also justify buying another top striker

    • Since Drogba is going to either go soon or he wont play as much due to age they should get Jones from Sunderland. They have the same playing style, so Drogba can also help him develop further into an amazing striker. Jones is deadly int he air and with his feet. Also Chelsea seems to get alot of goals from their midfield as well and Jones can hold they ball up there with the best fo them and feed players like Ballack and Lampart that deadly final ball to kill the game if needed.

      Or they could get a striker like Keane, but not Keane, that plays of the main CF to play off Drogba