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    Arsenal wake up

    What a Fu**ing Joke we are , my hopes are for the squad­ to do well this coming season, legend or not , Wenger­ must go if we dont win anything again, football­ championships and cups are not won by gentlemen and­ morally good guys they are won buy decent players ,­ squads in strength, and money to acheive the previous,­ wake the Fu*k up Arsenal and bring back some reality,­ if we want to compete with the other big 3 and not be­ driven into the lesser cups by the mid table clubs that­ are buying themselves the possibility of champions­ league them spend some of the millions we are pumping­ in to the club on a weekly basis.

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    • Hmmm, I've been an Arsenal fan for 20 years roughly and have seen the team in a worse state than it is now - remember Bruce Rioch taking the helm? Anyway, as much as I respect Prof. Wenger, going from the Invincibles to being lucky to finish in the top 4 leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Sure, big names got older and moved on - Henry, Vieira etc, and another club became ridiculously rich over night in Chelsea, however Wenger decided to play his tried and trusted transfer technique of signing unknowns and use them to take Arsenal forward. He brought in some quality, dont get me wrong - Cesc and Van Persie for example, but this time there were no 'old heads' around to mature them. When Anelka, Henry and Vieira arrived, there was plenty of experience in the likes of Adams, Wright, Keown, Dixon, Winterburn, Bergkamp, Overmars etc etc there already to help mould these future stars. The next generation have had no such imput due to Wenger deciding to release anyone over the age of 29 which is why the squad appears to have limited or no experience. Some players have blossomed, Cesc is a perfect example, but alot of players need that experience around them to mould them into future stars.

      If Wenger believes that the current squad is capable of challenging for the title this year then he is sadly mistaken. Last season saw Hull City beat Arsenal - HULL. Now, I know they say that anyone is capable of beating anyone in the Premier League, but come on, with the talent Arsenal have in their squad surely they could overcome the likes of 'lucky to be promoted' Hull City. This is where experience would have been beneficial, especially in the defence. Don't get me started on Gallas, he's a disgrace and we should never have signed him. Toure is twice the player he is, hands down. Wenger's reluctance to sign a big name has cost Arsenal over the last 4 years and honestly, unless he changes his policy soon, we will be lingering in the mid table loosing to teams like Tottenham, Everton and Fulham regularly. Sure, money appears to be an issue and Wenger doesn't want to spend what ever we have to stay in touch of the big 3. The results of this has seen Adebayor leaving (personally I am very glad of this) but another season without silverware, or worse not qualifying for the champions league - a big posibility, will see the likes of Cesc, Toure, Clichy, Arshavin and maybe even Van Persie and Walcott leaving the club. So, the team we have now will not have the chance to 'grow old' together as half will be gone. That will hit us hard, leaving us for certain out of Europe for many years.

      Personally, I would like the following to happen in this summer's transfer market:

      Sell - Gallas, Bendtner, Eboue (nothing personal about Eboue, I like him, but we could get a fair bit of cash for him)

      Buy - Huntelaar, Yaya Toure, 1 x central defender (maybe Upson?)

      These would be enough to add experience and quality to the squad, plus both Huntelaar and Toure are possible due to the summer spending of their respective clubs. Upson is a perfect example of how a player cannot reach the potential he can achieve due to lack of experience around him. We should never have sold him to begin with. Huntelaar has champions league and international experience (along side Van Persie) as has Toure, plus signing the brother of our best defender will likely keep him there for the remainder of his career.

      Those are my opinions of the situation - I am not anti- Wenger in the slightest, but I believe his youth squad tactics will take us no where other than down the league.

    • After the injury to Nasri, Wenger claims the squad is still strong enough to challenge for honours without the need to buy either a replacement for him or Adebayor. I'm sorry, it's the same squad as last season apart from the whinging moneygrabber from Togo leaving and Vermaelen coming in. It wasn't strong enough last year, why is it going to be any different this one?! We finished miles behind Man U in the title race....surely that proves we need to bring in some strength in depth?! The squad wasn't good enough. The only one who can't seem to see it is Wenger...and he is now beginning to insult the fans who pay hard earned cash for their tickets (the most expensive season ticket in the Premiership), shirts and merchandise. He asks us to have patience, the squad is building for the future...how long do we have to wait? We've been waiting for 4 years now...the excuse won't last forever and it's beginning to wear very thin. There is no other top team in Europe who would have kept their boss this long without a trophy...it's because Wenger feels he's untouchable from the sack...he's become far too comfortable at the club. Stop treating the fans with contempt....when was the last time you heard so many boos ring out after home matches? It's because we're not happy and unless signings are made and trophies are won then it's goodbye to Cesc and many others who actually want to show some ambition and win things. Stop being so stubborn Arsene, swallow your pride and actually buy some quality which is what the fans want.

    • the thing is...we got it wrong to sell ade to man city..but he has lost his scoring touch...we have to compare our team with others such as man utd n real madrid...they spend millions on new players..we train our youngsters n sign them 4 just below 10 million pounds...we cannot rate the team by money...the young gunner is inexperienced on the pitch.....we cannot expect our young guns to play like ronaldo.torres or messi...so we have to see the positive side...by the time players like wilshere,gibbs,ramsey n others have reached 24,they will be the clubs greatest assets while real madrid's kaka n ronnie have lost their scoring touch n is about to hang the boot

    • You sound like a Chelski fan?

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      • Arsenal's problem is with the money.They are one of the team with the biggest depths.After they switched from Highbury they didn't buy any expensive player.But this isn't the Arsen way.Yes he wants to buy some experienced players, but when the board gives him 20 or 30 milions and says:"You are going to buy 6 players with that money" then this isn't his problem.I personally believe that the Arsen way is the best for Arsenal.He is a good tactician and has an eye for the young talent.3 years ago who has heard about Theo Wallcott?After the 60m run against Liverpool in the Champions League everybody knew him.Have you known about Nasri before he joined us?Or about Eduardo,or Fabregas?Wenger has the skill that not many coaches have:the development of young talants.

    • Recently Arsenal have only finished top 4 because Wenger is a top manager but that still doesn't make it acceptable. A few years ago you were always challenging the fact is too many players with experience have been replaced by players with none. Each year we hear "this will be the year" but it never quite happens. Players like Viera, Gilberto may of been past their peak but how good would it of been for yound players like diaby having these players around to learn from.

    • Recently Arsenal have only finished top 4 because Wenger is a top manager but that still doesn't make it acceptable. A few years ago you were always challenging the fact is too many players with experience have been replaced by players with none. Each year we hear "this will be the year" but it never quite happens. Players like Viera, Gilberto may of been past their peak but how good would it of been for yound players like diaby having these players around to learn from.

    • A.W is a good manager but he needs to stop relying on kids and get some experienced players.

    • Your FKN Stupid! idiot bastard, First arsene wenger is not a manager you wuld fire..hes one of the best people at arsenal, and yes indeed we have missed on silverW. for the past 4 years, but hey look at our squad now, specialy this season, we have a perfect squad and some of the loss for the passed cpl of years were mainly luck, and injuries to our top players...i don't think your a true gunner, so pls carefully know what you say about this club & its manager and players! bcz theire the best!

    • If u're a PURE fan of Arsenal, u won't say the coach & club F**K. Arsene Wenger (The Professor), know what is he doing. with his years of experience in the Premier League & Euro, he know which player is suitable for the club & fit into the team formation, know how to get & spend money for the club (Wisely). He don't have to buy Star Players, because he PRODUCED STARS! He got the qualities & capabilities in business management for the club, a Great Coach for the team & last but not least, His honesty to the fans! Please Support Arsene Wenger & Arsenal FC!!! As Fans we're not just watch our team to play and expect them to win every matches, but we MUST give our Morale Support and even Prayers to them!

    • Football isn't all about money,the big four reputation lies on the inteligent of the managers.............there are other clubs that have resources than gunners which they can utilized it.......please arsen wenger isn't the cause of this trach,the blame is on the board.............there is no any board meeting hold which they critized wenger on transfer policy.............so take heart.

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