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    If Lescott Goes, Who'll Replace Him?

    I'm sure Mr Moyes knows what he's doing but should we lose Lescott for £20million, who will we get to replace him? I'd like to see Sol Campbell and Wes Brown or Stephen Taylor.

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    • i dont think man city have any time to sign a defender but if they do he wont be cheap. Also with all there strikers one of them wont get a game and end up leaving they have they have seven first team strikers you cant play 0-3-7 can you in my opinion i think city are stupid.

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      • Its very easy for us all to be a little critical of the way City are going about things and I am sure there will be lots of comings and goings and players not playing often enough and throwing their toys out etc but deep down its only because if every football supporter of any club in the country is being honest with themselves we are all a bit jealous of the opportunity City have now to start competing in CL and winning trophies. We all want our club to be playing on the biggest stage and City are no diferent. Good luck to them if they are the ones luckiest enough to have secured the Abu Dhabi guys and these people want to use their wealth to make it happen. Utd have been spending big money for years, Chelsea did exactly what City are doing now to make themselves a top 4 club every year and Liverpool have done their fair share of spending too. Now it is another club who are doing it and so what ? If it happens to be Everton who get a huge benefactor next year I wont be complaining and I will be delighted if we are trying to sign the best players in the world. Come on big four fans...accept that there is a new Kid on the block and they are going to give you a run for your money because whether we like it or not it is going to happen. Maybe it will take one more year and for sure there will be a rocky ride for some of the big names at City who wont like rotation but they WILL get there with the money at their disposal. With this manager or a diferent one that is guaranteed.

    • Already said it days ago. Steven Taylor is the perfect replacement. He is young, solid defender, gets up and scores goals like Lescott does and how much can Newcastle justify asking for him if the entire club is only valued at 80m. maximium they could ask would be 6m. 25m from Moneychester City for Lescott and imagine what Moysey could do with a spare 20m or so. Actually I am talking myself into quite liking this deal. We know Lescott will go there so lets just drive a hard bargain and move on. I said before we must get Kyle Naughton even though Spurs seem favorites now. Lets up the bid as he is Englands next right back. I guess we must already have the money for him as the deal is already on the table and then we should still have our 20m for Defour or Moutinho. But whoever he signs I trust Moysey to spend it more wisely than any of our suggestions. He is the man when it comes to finding quality at the right price.