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  • Muh Revolution Muh Revolution Jul 24, 2009 18:16 Flag

    old firm in prem??

    do you think celtic and rangers should be aloud in the prem?

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    • Whilst I'm sure most people wouldn't care, but if the Old Firm left Scotland, there would be no point in the SPL! But what I WOULD like to see as an intersting alternative, is a Celtic League like in Rugby Union. Imagine, Wrexham, Cardiff City and Swansea being in the top flight for once. It would certainly be interesting and could actually improve football in the local regions. Any thoughts?

    • Im a scot living in England and have strong views on this. I do and would like to see both in he Premiership BUT I would never want a British league and that is what we would have. Scotland want seek and hopefully one day will get their independence and then where would that leave Rangers and Celtic?

      However I think what we will see more of is the multi ownership situation and clubs/owners will have multiple franchises and we might have a Real London for example or a London Rangers. This has to happen in the future its the next logical step in globalisation of sport and specifically football.

    • No way,

      They will have to get promoted to the BLUE SQUARE(CONFERENCE) first.

    • yes, think they would be joining way too late and would have missed out on a lot of money and so would not be able to challenge the top 4/5 but given a couple of years they'd be challenging for europa. Although if they joined then maybe another one or two places in the champions league would be up for grabs in the premier league so it might stur things up