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  • fulham must sell hangeland but he must take from arsenal for hangeland this two players:djourou,eboue.also fulham must buy this players:schmeichel(m.city),bale(tottenham),steven taylor(newcastle),johnson(m.city),nolan(newcastle),sanli(midlesbrough),aliadiere(midlesbrough).also you must buy this brazilian players:anderson pico,david,thiago heleno,lulinha,douglas costa,renatinho,dentinho,kerlon,danilinho,guliherme.you also must sell some old and some players which you don't want.also must buy this three players who play in france league:coutadeur(le mans),sanchez moreno(valencien),feighouli(grenoble).please buy this players what I told you and you can be at champions league next year.please you are in europen league and you need to prove yourself and with this players you can improve yourself in europa league,premier league and you can be rich,

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