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  • vim vim Jun 28, 2005 07:13 Flag

    My Favourite Ever Spurs Player Is.....

    in reply to peavehaven4eva;

    if your best team is a spurs side made up of your best players,then its not a bad side,however your team could never have played together for the following reasons;

    1.steve archibald left spurs for barcelona in 1984.the new barca manager being a certain el tel venables.
    2.ricky villa left spurs and returned to argentina in 1982.i guess the falklands didnt help his and ossies popularity.
    3. mitchell thomas joined in 1986 when david pleat joined from luton town.
    4.david pleat sold graham roberts to rangers in 1986.
    5.david pleat sold steve perryman to oxford in 1986.
    6.garth crooks left in 1985.

    so this team could never have played together.