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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 20, 2005 10:59 Flag

    Too many players @ Tottenham?

    Yes I agree ! Spurs seem to be signing too many mediocre players, instead of a good experienced playmaker in midfield, I thought Michael Carrick would assume that role, but he has been playing as the anchorman, but I must add ! doing a good job in that position. Mendes has been a bit disappointing to me, he don't seem to have the cutting edge like he showed at Porto.
    Also I think we need to replace Freddi Kanoute, he scores some spectacular goals ! but the chance ratio is about 1 : 10 and that isn't good enough in the Premiership.

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    • Relax, Uncle Jol is doing a great job. Our next signing should be a new football director, so that he can do the best job he possibly can... then we can really start motoring again! Teemu Tainino sounds like a great player by the way...will no doubt work his socks off by the way Martin Jol was describing his performances. All we need now is for Kilinsmann to come out of retirement, quit the German job and come sit on our bench as a 5th striker, for the last 15 mins of every game, and we're sorted!! lol

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      • From what I saw last year, Jol has really brought Spurs together. His signings have looked like good effective ones, so I think the future is bright for Tottenham. It was a little sad to see that whole Arsesen fiasco though, but these days, if someone wants to go somewhere, they usually get what they want...www.SoccerGossip.com