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  • frankobserver frankobserver Sep 24, 2005 00:38 Flag

    demise of Tottenham

    Firstly, I have to say I've been a long suffering Spurs fan for 50 odd years. We had some very good times but the years since 91/92 have been little short of pathetic. And I've watched my last game. Grimsby was , as the name suggests, too GRIM for Spurs. Well done Grimsby but you were playing against rubbish. And I'm one who has had enough. I won't be deserting this ship called the White Hart for anyone else, it's been leaking for years & I've got tired of bailing out the water but I just will not be watching soccer any more, it has become too boring, too expensive & Spurs and the rest of 'em don't deserve me and probably your club doesn't deserve you.

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    • You say you have been a follower for 50 years???? and now you decided not to watch football. If a true follower of spurs you go through the good and the bad times with the club. you do not base an opinion on one match against Grimsby. We now have some great talent and some great youngsters coming through who will be inspired by these new arrivals, but like anything it takes time to bond. we now have what looks like a great future ahead if they all bond together well, which in all honesty we have been a middle of the league team for to long.

      From what i read of your commetns the club does not need anyone you!!!! get behind the team that you have so called been a fan for 50 years.

    • Feeling any better now? :~}
      6 points in a week always cheers me up. I know we are a little lucky with it.

    • Unfrotunately, what you said is typical of a portion of spurs fans. I am also a spurs fan, and I might say we've done well to keep clear of relegation for god knows how many years! take a leaf out of west ham supporters book, they stuck with them, got behind them and they're back up! And it's not like spurs are even close to that position! We have new talent, a new confident boss, and I think we will go places.
      I just wish that most Spurs supporters weren't whinging pessemistic losers!


    • wat r u on about couldn't be bothered to read it FREAK!!!

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      • I too have supported Spurs for 50 years or more through all the successes and failures.but it doesn't mean I have to aimlessly follow where no one has gone before,EASTEND!! STRATFORD!! I might as well support ARSENAL,it means the search for success outways the wishes of the local supporters,IF this move becomes a reality then in my view the prefix TOTTENHAM would have to be dropped.