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  • do you remember your clubs last 2 european day trips??? Let me refresh your memory.

    22 July 1995 Intertoto Away FC Cologne 8 Spurs 0

    4 November 1999 UEFA Away FC Kaiserslautern 2 Spurs 0

    I think you would find it difficult to get most people on the street to tell you which country these places are in let alone have heard of their football clubs. No pedigree, understand.

    Okay unfair but true. What about the great premiership record - well . . . .

    Highest Prem finish 7th 1994/5
    Average Prem finish 11th (between 92 -04)

    Last finish in the top 4 .
    Division 1 1989/90 3rd.

    So I understand finishing 4th will be very exciting and like winning something to you.

    Do you remember the arsenal doubles? Not really a rival are you. No. It's Chelski and it's taken them £250 mill debt to get a team good enough to beat us. Since Hoodle was there Chelsea have had talented teams for 10 years but it took spending 4 times the Arsenal budget to get a team to beat us. But at least they are our london rivals. Spurs are more of you charlton status to us.

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