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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 2, 2006 22:02 Flag

    We have to improve if we are ever going to be as good as Arsenal

    We aren't there yet. Keano is but we are a little way off the pace of europe.
    I dont want to get into the play off spot and get evertoned.

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    • Right again :)

      C'mon you Spurs!!!!

    • Right so far. :)

      C'mon you Spurs.....

    • maybe a little less Carrick and a bit more on the wings would help,Carrick seems to te stuck in passing back mode!

    • thats a very bias optimistic set of predictions.iv done my own thread regarding predictions. i dont think we will beat both bolton and west ham.i also think arsenal will beat man city away with ease.

    • Hey, All I said was that nothing is a given. I've been following Spurs for too long to think any different. We have promised lots in seasons past and achieved little.

      Don't get me wrong, Spurs is my club for life (30+ years so far), so I'd love nothing better than to beat the Gooners and take 4th spot. My point was that we are talking about football, and football always throws up unexplained results (Middlesborough beat Chelski 3-0 as an example), so there is still much to play for.

      Optimistically I think we can get the following results in the run-in (excluding the Derby at Highbury):- Man City - H (Win), Everton - A (Draw), Man U - H (Loss), Bolton - H (Win), West Ham - A (Win). If we can play like we were earlier in the season, I think that is not a totally implausible set of results and gives us 10 Pts from 5 games, taking us to 65 Pts. Sure - I know that we can lose every game too.

      The Gooners (in my same prediction of results) would get:- Man U - A (Loss), West Brom - H (Win), Man C - A (Draw), Sunderland - A (Win), Wigan - H (Win), Portsmouth - A (Draw). This gives them 11 Pts to add to their 53, giving them 64 Pts. And yes, I know they can win every game too.

      This would make the Gooners/Spurs game at Highbury a potential season decider.

      C'mon you Spurs

    • spurs4ever, i admire your faith but lets be realistic arsenal are the form side & are a better team.all thou they have some tricky games we have a much harder run in.
      man u, bolton, arsenal, west ham, everton. the only game we got left that we are favourites to win is the man city at home but the way we are playing thats no gurantee!

    • spursforever how ya doin'. putting it in that context gives me belief(even though ive just got back from the pub and i'm pissed) i hope it doesnt cloud my judgement. it is good that the gunners are in the mix with us and it great tv.

      i would hasten to add that we have a lot of work to do to get even 5th or 6th but more than happy to take that come end of season.

      4th = bonus. in front of goons = bigger bonus. 4th and goons go out of CL = super bonus with cherrys on top. Yea?


    • As we said before euro embarassment would be not qualifying for the uefa this year. Thats all I wanted at the start of the year, step by step is the only way to do it.

    • revolution may have begun in your heart but on the pitch you're missing killer players.

      we had Overmars - Petit - Bergkamp - all playing dangerous football.

      in years to come maybe but not in the next 10. you said it yourself if Arsenal hadn't had such a bad league season you would be 5th or 6th.

      I wouldn't wish euro embarassment on your lot but I can see that happening.

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